Aan: Amor Ad Nauseum Album Review

aan 2

I have said it enough to be considered a broken record, but I’m saying it again anyways. I LOVE MUSIC. Being a DJ at KSSU, Sacramento State’s student radio, is a dream come true . I have always told everyone, “No matter what I do in life, if it is in the music industry, I’ll be happy.” Let me just inform those of you reading this who are unaware of the process of becoming and staying a DJ with KSSU: this is not at all a paid position. Not only is it volunteer, we also have a required amount of extra volunteer hours to complete just to be a DJ. This can only mean the on-air DJ’s at KSSU are doing this because they all have a passion for it. I’m not going to lie, the ways to get volunteer hours are so easy and are things I would do on my own time without the benefit of being a DJ anyway. This includes reviewing CD’s from new local musicians, and one of the CD’s I listened to was Aan’s new album, Amor Ad Nauseum.

On my first venture to gain volunteer hours, I chose to review some CD’s that had come in. I picked up three CD’s from our Local Music Director, Kyle Corbet. I did what I thought I was supposed to do and listened to every single song on each of the CD’s making sure there was at least one clean song, comparing them to other artists, as well as giving my personal opinion of each album. One of these bands has been on repeat since the moment I popped it into my laptop and allowed my computer to add it to my iTunes library: Aan.

The band’s name alone is strange and is clearly in a foreign language (based off their self-titled album Amor Ad Nauseum) so I had no expectations except that it was probably going to be weird. I was in for quite the surprise.

The first song started playing and immediately I fell in love. The vocalist alone is extremely talented. Bud Wilson’s voice is so incredibly beautiful and laid so perfectly over some splendidly haunting instrumentals. The band is an indie rock band and sticks to that sound. Most of the songs have a slower beat with strange sounds thrown so perfectly into the background, paired with beautiful guitar riffs and the perfect drum beat. I just had to hear more! I kept listening to each and every song, thinking “it’s the first song, the rest can’t possibly be this great.” I have never been more wrong. Every SINGLE song on this self titled album is amazing. I cannot believe this isn’t something I discovered on 94.7 or through recommended artists on iTunes, because they definitely have an Arctic Monkeys sound.

After listening to the CD, I had to have more. I had so many questions. Where do they come from? Does all of their music sound like this? Do they aan 1tour? WHEN ARE THEY TOURING? Who are these people and WHY have I never heard of this band? I had to do some further research to try to find out if at the least they have any other music out and if it was anything close to this album. Lucky for you I have done all the work and have answered each one of these questions. The band is from Portland, Oregon and has just finished their very short tour, with only 5 dates at different locations all in either Washington or Oregon.  They’ve got five albums out, three of which are singles. All of them are indeed good, but nowhere as good as this album (at least in my opinion). Why have I never heard of this band? Obviously because they are not getting the attention they deserve.

Hopefully you get the chance to check this band out. Their music is available on iTunes, as well as bandcamp.com and Soundcloud.

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  1. UPDATE: They are still touring! I was misinformed! Try will be in Sacramento, March 1st at Luigi’s Fun Garden!

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  3. UPDATE! I was misinformed on the tour information! They will be in Sacramento, March 1st at Luigi’s Fun Garden!

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