Wild Ones: Keep It Safe Album Review


I am not much of a loud rock genre person, but Keep It Safe by the Wild Ones is amazing. It was quite disappointing though how some of the sounds are repetitive and you cannot really hear the lead vocalist singing. Her voice was too soft and husky that the instruments basically play the whole song. Although, correct me if this is what rock music suppose to be like, because I do not listen to loud rock. This album was all clean so good to listen to all the tracks if you like. I would recommend tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, and 8.

Track 1: Golden Twin – Soothing melody with the electric guitar and bass kicking in the background. The vocalist’s soft voice makes the song relaxing. A good choice to sleep in with this song.

Track 2: Curse Over Me – A breakup song, I believe. Bass and the drums are amazing by making a really powerful rhythm. The lyrics are also easy to catch on and sing along.

Track 3: Rivals – Finally, the vocalist sings her voice very beautiful in this track, a very soulful voice that goes along with the music. It’s a love songwild ones and the song sounds very playful, like a childish song.

Track 4: 18 Mile Island – This was a sweet love song that I strongly recommend for you to listen to if you like. The amazing bass and guitar with the quiet drums in the background makes the song very sweet.

Track 5: It’s Real – Most of the songs, the vocalist’s voice is too soft that you cannot really hear but in this track, her voice became firm so you were finally able to hear her sing. This song sounds more like a confession song but a very happy, fun confession song.

Track 6: Row – This track has a great rhythm of music in the beginning. The vocalist repetitively sings in a soft and husky voice of the same verses, so it’s easy to catch on. Then there is this break in the verse with beautiful instruments that they made it sound like spaceships and laser sounds, more like a sci-fi theme. Then at the end of the song, there was a drum with piano that wants to make you dance.

Track 7: Nina – Great beginning, since it’s a song for a girl. The beginning of this song was my favorite out of all the songs in this album because it is very nice how all the beats come in and then goes to the background as another instrument is played.

wild ones 1Track 8: From Nothing – In this track, all the instruments were all balanced well by every instrument getting their own parts. This song is good overall.

Track 9: Lion Heart – Great bass and drums effect in the beginning and as the singer sings, more beats come in which makes the song very interesting. This song has a good mixture of beats played by the drums, bass, and electric guitar.

Track 10: Paia – This songs sounds sexual and very jazzy from the bass and electric guitar. This track is a great love song.

Track 11: – Keep It Safe – This song was the title song but it was a very short repetitive song. It did disappoint me because the title song was played at the end and I thought it would be more amazing and fun to conclude the album, but I guess it was not that much fun. The background music was low and the piano was repetitive.

If you want to hear music from the Wild Ones and other great, new bands, listen to kssu.com, Sacramento State’s student run radio!


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