Moths & Locusts: Mission Collapse In The Twin Sun Megaverse Album Review

bannar moths and locusts

Again, I am not a loud rock listener, but Moths & Locusts new album Mission Collapse in the Twin Sun Megaverse showed me what true loud rock music is like. I like this album overall. The lyrics also played a major role of relating to people and moving me, although, most of the tracks were instrumental. If you listen to this album, I would recommend tracks: 2, 4, and 5.

moth and locusts album coverTrack 1: Trinity Test – This song has a soft beginning with amazing rock, guitar, drums, and bass that lures you in with the song with the singer’s voice. This track only contained two versus, then all the rest was instrumental.

Track 2: Slumper – This song is ironic because the lyrics are depressing, describing the experience of near death, yet the song was fun and jumpy. The lyrics of this song are very powerful and meaningful.

Track 3: Nauseating Headache Over Great Pyramids Monster Guard – This is the longest title of song that I’ve ever seen. This track had a soothing rock and the the singer’s voice sounded like you are on a rough vacation at the beach. The title is long but the song itself is pretty short.

Track 4: 18 High Water Mark – This track had a nice melody with the bass being very strong but beautiful and made the track slow and dreamy.

Track 5: Mathematics Of Happiness – In the beginning, it was very fast-paced with the guitar and bass. The fade of the drums was great but there was no singing in this track at all.

Track 6: Riches & Misery – This song had an interesting rhythm of guitar and piano. These two combination made the song very beautiful although it was moths-and-locustsshort. I expected it to be longer.

Track 7: Theme From “The Zombie Ants” – This song was also pacing very fast that makes your heart races with the song. It had an introduction to every instrument by allowing it to have its own solo in the song. The sounds are very catchy like the title, and makes you think of ants by the drum roll and buzzing.

Track 8: Why Am I Normal? – The electric guitar in the background makes the song sound very jumpy along with the vocalist’s singing. This song has more verses than the other tracks and has very interesting lyrics.

Track 9: Trinity Test – This track was very short, like the conclusion of the whole album. It ended with the electric guitar and drums fading to the end.

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