C Plus Will Not Be Underestimated

cplus e

When the word ambassador is looked up in the dictionary, synonymous words such as commissioner, consul and champion appear.

Sacramento rapper, Chaz Wheeler,  better known as C Plus, embodies all these qualities as well as he “bodies” soul-sampled beats.

At the time of this interview, C Plus was in Los Angeles recording new music for the first time in three months.

“I don’t [want to] give out too many hints as far as what the order of it is coming or what it is,” Wheeler said. “But the biggest thing people can look forward to, I guess is going to be the project with Ski Beatz.”

Ski Beatz is a hip-hop producer, who rose to fame in the 90s, working with artists such as Jay Z and Camp Lo.

If you ask those who have followed C Plus’ career in the last decade, his true zone of comfort is anywhere that can push his career forward.

Whether he is in the studio, performing, designing or on social media, he is always working towards expanding his brand and Sacramento is a big part of that.

“I just want to be the person that inspires people to wake up every morning and go out and get what they want out of life,” Wheeler said. “That’s what I’m doing with this music thing at the end of the day and everything comes from that.”

Implementing his own mind is a factor that makes C Plus a true artist with an inability to be boxed in as just a rapper.

This year, he will be releasing new music that will display his range in the alternative and dance genres.

cplus 2“I really feel like the music speaks for itself,” Wheeler said. “I have a pretty consistent approval rate amongst listeners.”

On Feb. 9, there was a free show at District 30 where C Plus was the sole performer. He organized the event himself with the support of a few local DJs and brands in order to make the young locals feel more comfortable.

“[Sacramento venues] don’t have a lot of the DJs that are in tune with what’s going on with the younger crowd,” Wheeler said. “I just want it to feel like you’re at a dive bar, like an everyday corner spot and still be in the club and be comfortable.”

Considering the event’s easy access, the show was an opportunity for music fans to experience a part of Sacramento’s local scene and potentially discover a new artist to support as he exemplified the evolution and sustainability of a modern day artist.

C Plus’ set that night was exclusively put together with new music. His performance was full of raw energy a hip hop emcee would have had when they knew how to work a crowd though the music was a progressive demonstration of how far the genre has come.

“For me, music is everything,” Wheeler explained. “I want to make the soundtrack to people’s lives, not everybody’s life, but I feel like my music reaches a broad audience so a lot of people can enjoy it because I touch on a lot of different subjects.”

C Plus has a voice that stands out and his hopes are that his music is reaching the young entrepreneurs of this generation.

“We all got to work together in the community to push each other,” Wheeler said. “It has to be a cooperation and not a competition. I think there’s too many people living in competition with each other and everybody wants to be that person that puts Sacramento on the map.”

You can learn more about C Plus at PlusMoneys.com.


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