Blame it on the Halfpipe

snowboard medalists

We have new Halfpipe medalists in this year’s 2014 Winter Olympics:  gold medal winner Iouri Podladtchikov from Switzerland (94.75), silver medal winner Ayumu Hirano from Japan (93.50) and bronze medal winner Taku Hiraoka from Japan (92.25). Is this the dawn of a new era of snowboarders or just a bad Halfpipe?

sochi halfpipeThere was tremendous amount of concerns about the condition of the Halfpipe at Sochi from the snowboarders. Organizers rushed to fix the bumpiness on the flat area that is in the middle of the two walls. In lieu of postponing the event that caused  a lot of the riders to crash with sub par conditions they decided not to postpone the event. This event could have gone terribly wrong if a rider would have had a horrific crash while attempting to complete the gravity defining tricks. Would the blame fall on the riders, on the Halfpipe, or just on bad luck?

Favorite Shaun White finished fourth with a lackluster performance after falling and scored a humble 35 on his first run, and getting a 90.25 on shaun white crashhis second run. White said,  “Today, they made the walls better so everybody lands [correctly], but in the flat bottom, where they cut it, it’s like a bump, so everyone is riding along and then hits the bump, and that’s really not very good.” White might compete in the next Olympics and by that time he will be 31, which is past his prime in snowboarding years.

iouriCondition did affect the outcome, but not enough to change the inevitable. Iouri Podladtchikov aka Ipod was believed to be the next star to carry the torch once White stepped away from the sport.  I believe the better rider won that day, nothing else. We will see if Ipod can carry the sport like White was able to do when he came on the scene.


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