Kevin Seconds: Off Stockton album review

kevin seconds off stockton

Kevin Seconds, as you probably know, is also in another band called 7 Seconds. I really like 7 Seconds and have heard quite a few of their songs over the years. My favorite 7 Seconds song is “All Came Undone” from their “Take It Back, Take It On, Take It Over!” album. Because I’ve heard his band, I thought that I would have some clue as to how he would sound as a solo artist… and I was wrong. Dead wrong.

kevin secondsUnlike 7 Seconds’ youthful hardcore punk, Kevin Seconds delivers upbeat (yet mellow) acoustic rock with mature and heartfelt lyrics. His style as a solo artist sounds a lot like the Avett Brothers.

My favorite song from his new album “Off Stockton” would have to be “The Broken & The Bent.” Kevin Seconds writes beautiful lyrics. This song in particular begins with:

“We’re fighting people with our voices and our fists / And none of us expect much victory tonight / No one is smiling, no one wants to show their teeth / Instead we’re dancing bloody underneath the light.”

My second favorite song on the album is “Love or Hate.” I found it to be a very sweet song a song about his hometown, Sacramento.

If you also happen to be in Sacramento, I highly recommend that you go see him live. The next show he will be playing in Sacramento is going to be on March 24 at the Press Club with John Moreland. For more information and to see more show dates, go to his site. See you guys there!

Also, be sure to listen to DJ Mass Nerder’s Punk Rock Hour, Mondays at 8pm on!


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