Oscar Winner Predictions: The Typical and The Unusuals


The Oscars are going to be on this Sunday, and it’s always great to predict the winners and see how wrong you are. There may be confidence in a nominee winning in a category, only to find out that you were completely wrong and some random nominee took it. So here is my list of my predictions and the out-of-left-field winners.  If more than half of my predictions are right, you might not be seeing me around for I will be joining the Illuminati.

Best Picture 

am hustlePrediction: American Hustle

On top of getting nothing but rave reviews, this movie is just great. An all American film that shows the struggle of trying to stay on top against all odds. Throw in some of the hottest actors, actresses, and a five minute cameo from Robert De Niro, and you got the best movie from last year! Chubby version of Christian Bale coming up with some crazy schemes, being heartfelt and honest with an east coast accent? Just awesome. This movie blends humor and drama almost perfectly. It’s also refreshing, with a storyline that hasn’t been overdone before. My bet is on this movie.

The unusual: Philomena

An English comedy that features an old lady and a fairly middle aged man that goes on a road trip to find something, only at the end to find themselves? That’s what I got from the trailer, and I honestly hope it doesn’t win. British people tend to have dry humor and that plotline seems way overdone. Out of all the best picture nominees, this is the only one I haven’t watched (so maybe i’m just being biased), but I think anything else is deserved of the win…except this movie.

Best Actor

Prediction: Leonardo Dicaprio

Christian Bale did an excellent job acting in American Hustle. But Leonardo Dicaprio. The loveable douche that loses himself to money in Wolf on Wall leo di wowwStreet. That was awesome. Three hours of acting from innocent to money and power hungry Jordan Belfort was great to see. Also, he’s never won an Oscar (for who knows what reason) and we’re all pulling for him to finally win. After many years of acting and collaborating many times with Martin Scorsese, maybe this might be his year. It is well deserved. Just let the man win his Oscar already!

The Unusual: Bruce Dern

Everybody else in the category of best lead actor performed and acted well in their roles. But out of all these nominees, the actor Bruce Dern probably did the least amount of acting in his movie, Nebraska. He barely even talked in the movie. I thought Will Forte did more talking, hell, even his wife did more yapping in the movie then Dern. If acting like a disoriented old man was the goal, then I guess  he can get an Oscar. But Chiwetel Ejiofor’s emotional performance for 12 Years a Slave would be more deserving. Anybody else in the category would be more deserving. No disrespect to Nebraska, it was an awesome movie.

Best Actress 

The Prediction: Sandra Bullock

She won before and she can win again. She did a good job playing the leading role, well because, she was one of the only roles in the movie. Watching Gravity, I didn’t get sick of Sandra Bullock like I did with Ryan Reynolds in Buried. I was rooting for her the whole time. I’m kind of biased for this category due to me only watching Gravity and American Hustle, but hey, I want Bullock to win. She literally carried the whole movie.

The Unusual: Judi Denchphilomena

My runner up would be Amy Adams, because hey, American Hustle. But my out-of-left-field prediction would be Judi Dench. I think I’m just hating on Philomena for the Oscars, but uptight, sassy old lady has been done plenty of times. Meryl Streep is in this category, c’mon. And Cate Blanchett acted in a Woody Allen movie, so she must of done a good job! Anyone but Judi Dench.

 Supporting Actor

Prediction: Michael Fassbender

He played a crazy southern slave master in 12 Years a Slave. I kind of hated that character and he got me mad, so that’s good acting in his part! Keep in mind, he played Magneto in X-men: First Class, an English spy in Inglorious Basterds, and plenty of other suave roles. To transition to a gritty slave master in the south would be pretty hard for anyone playing his typical roles. He did a great job, and I really hope he wins.

The unusual: Jonah Hill

He’s always funny. But this time, he’s funny with weird teeth and an accent! Alongside with Leonardo Dicaprio!  I wouldn’t mind at all if he got the Oscar, but we’ve seen Jonah play the funny guy. But have we seen Jared Leto play a cross dresser, or Barkhad Abdi even act? No. So if Jonah Hill wins, I’d be fairly surprised, but happy for him at the same time.

 Supporting Actress

The Prediction: Jennifer Lawrence

jlaw am hustleJennifer Lawrence did a bang up job playing the annoying housewife with intentions of her own in American Hustle. She even had a New Jersey accent the whole time, which was cool to hear. Transitioning from a playing a teenager in The Hunger Games series to a middle age-ish housewife was pretty crazy to see. I really thought, “Dang, what can’t Jennifer Lawrence do??” Whenever she was on the screen, she would be the one to stare at, and it’s not due to her being attractive. Winning best lead actress in 2012 and having a couple of Golden Globes under her belt, it would seem likely for her to win. I mean, who doesn’t love them some “J-Law”?

The Unusual: Lupita Nyong’o

Don’t get me wrong, she did a good job in 12 Years a Slave, but I feel like she didn’t do much. Yea she added to the emotion of the horrible whipping scene, but she was not in the movie as much, and she also didn’t have as much lines. I didn’t see the other movies in this category, other than Nebraska. But I think it would be different if Lupita Nyong’o won.

Best Animated Film

The Prediction: Frozen

Everyone. Fricken. Loves. This. Movie. Like everyone. I can’t turn a corner without somebody asking me if I want to build a snowman. This movie Disney-Frozenhad one of the biggest impacts of 2013, and it came out in the later half of the year. It shaked the Disney world by breaking it’s own stereotypes, bringing in loveable characters that will be remembered for ages, and tackling women empowerment in a way that only Disney can. Plus the songs. All my social media is flooded with Frozen related type things up to this day. No one is really tweeting about The Croods.

The Unusual: Ernest and Celestine

What the hell is this? Just kidding. Kind of. I heard of or watched the other nominees in this category, but this one is just new. The Croods was highly advertised on TV. Despicable Me 2 made a crap ton of money with their loveable minions. The Wind Rises is by Miyazaki, who can do no wrong. And then there’s this movie. What the hail is this?

Those are the major categories that should be tackled when it comes to this Sunday. Let’s see if I’m right about some of them, and if I am, you can catch me in Bohemian Grove. Or the Academy.

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oscarsWant to see my other predictions on the not so crazy categories that I can actually cast an opinion upon? Look below!

Cinematography: Gravity or Prisoners

Costume Design: The Great Gatsby

Directing: The Wolf of Wall Street

Music (Original Song) – “Happy” from Despicable Me 2

Adapted Screenplay: 12 Years a Slave

Original Screenplay: Her


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