“Voices” by Phantogram: Album Review


I can’t say enough good things about Phantogram‘s new album Voices. In recent years there have been albums I have been dying to get released and every time my expectations seemed to be too high, and every time I have been disappointed. Once I got my hands on Voices I immediately fell in love. It brought me back to the first time I had discovered this band. At the studio I am often asked to choose my favorite songs from an album I’m reviewing and with this album I just can’t pick two or three. Every time I hear the album I love each song more and more.

phantogram1The band’s second full length album continues their trend of using samplers, drum machines and synthesizers but it doesn’t neglect the use of traditional drums and guitar. Their first album Eyelid Movies seemed to favor the light, emotional and at times seductive vocals of Sarah Barthel. Voices, though still heavily led by her vocals seems to open the idea that the band is truly a duo. With songs like “Never Going Home” and “I Don’t Blame You”, Josh Carter gets a chance to shine showing a different side of the band, a somewhat darker and more secluded feel.

If you’re wondering whether or not this is a band to see in concert the answer is yes, absolutely yes!  The band recently phantomgram-ace-of-spadesplayed at Ace of Spades, a local venue here in Sacramento, CA and it was perhaps one of my favorite live shows in a long, long time.The entire experience from the well thought-out lights, to the album-like quality of the vocals; for such a small venue Phantogram knew how to play it, and play it well. The band continues their North American/European tour through May. If they come to a city near you, take the time and see them! Tour dates are available here!

Voices  is out now on iTunes and Google Play Store as well as your local music store! I bought the LP version and it sounds superb… YES! They still makes vinyls!

If you want to here new music from Phantogram and more like it listen to The Matt & Tex Show live on KSSU.com every Tuesday at 9:00am PST.


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