Album review: Lionize “Jetpack Soundtrack” – A triumphant new release of 2014

Sometimes I believe that my “well-seasoned” ears have heard just about everything there is in the realm of music, but there’s seldom a greater joy than realizing that such a bold assertion is tragically misguided. Much like the traditional conception of natural evolution, the industry chews out the weak and leaves only the most well adapted bands to compete for the limelight’s shining gleam. However, some artists prefer to dwell in the underbelly of the local scene, and others are just so beyond an easily classifiable sound that they could never be readily digested by the masses. But then there’s bands like Lionize, that have different flares of flavor to each song, leaving them in this strange undefined genre of fusion-melded-space-rock and a seemingly devoted fan-base at that. With a title like “Jetpack Soundtrack”, the most recent album of the band, the preconception does their music no justice and couldn’t possibly describe what the actual experience entails.

From the very beginning, the album begins with this psychedelic organ riff that is reminiscent of  Pink Floyd, via the“Animals”-era. The name, along with the album art, suggest a futuristic vibe that the band maintains throughout the 11 songs that are all produced extremely well. For me personally, the greatest thing about Lionize is their lyrics. Songs such as “Replaced by Machines” and “Reality Check” carry a tremendous amount of meaning, which is not altogether a surprise for a band “off the grid” of mainstream consumption. This band is not afraid to defy what is typically demanded from musicians these days.


For instance, the track entitled “Amazing Science Facts” unapologetically talks about espionage, GMO’s, global warming, even “fracking” managed to make into the mix. The lyrics are surprisingly poetic:  “…the uprising of the unrest has exploded to a troubling size…”, and seems to be calling for the listener to realize the facts of the world through the medium of music. This is almost unheard of. Never have I experienced a band that threw science into their lyrical content and managed to get away with it so smoothly. The evidence suggests that Lionize stands for more than meets the eye (or ear), and deserves a good hard listen.

lionizeBands that are willing to sacrifice their attachment to profit for speaking the truth are too few and far between, to say the least. From evading the authoritarian regimes of modern dystopia to particle vibrations, Lionize is attempting to revitalize what music can be through their spacey sound and meaningful lyrics. The tasteless mesh of artists that  stick to mere reiterations and mimicry are cookie cut-outs, and certainly won’t withstand the test of time. No, it’s hard to when you sound the same as every band that came before you; however, Lionize is not one of these bands, and hopefully this rare gem gets the recognition it undoubtedly deserves.

The band is currently finishing up the last leg of their North American tour, and will be headed to Europe later this year. Check them out with an open mind and you won’t disappointed, otherwise it will be you who is missing out on a legitimate band that actually has something to say.


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