The California Drought: Ways to save water


As everyone knows, the state of California is undergoing a drought. Droughts have a different definition from region to region. To put it in perspective for this area, Sacramento went 52 days without rain in the middle of the rainy season, a new all-time record for this area.

cali droughtTo get a little technical, according to the Sacramento Bee, the average rainfall for Sacramento is about 20 inches, and so far we have only received 5 inches, and the upcoming storms are only predicted to bring about 2 more inches.

In other words, we’re in trouble….so what does that mean to us? Well if you like to eat, this could mean a hike in prices in the grocery store- fresh fruits and vegetable crops in California have suffered as one of the consequences of a water shortage, therefore growers are spending more money to maintain their crops, and that cost eventually comes down to us, the consumer. Of course there are more consequences from a drought, but I didn’t come to talk about that- instead, my purpose is to encourage you to be nice to mother nature and help us get through this drought.

ways to save h20

  1. Take shorter showers, yes girls too! We don’t need 30 minute showers, you can relax on the couch instead. The shower is not a spa.
  2. Turn the water off when not in use- guilty of this one- but I have been making a conscious effort to improve this. Turn off the water while you brush your teeth, washing your face while you scrub and washing the dishes.
  3. If you live in a house, skip watering your lawn daily, heck stop watering at all. A dry lawn is no shame during a drought.
  4. Flush when you need to, some people maybe use it as a waste basket. Every time you flush a cigarette butt, facial tissue or other small bit of trash, five or more gallons of water are used in a flush.
  5. Install a shower head that saves water. You can actually get one for free: contact PG&E for services and programs that help customers safe money, water and electricity. If you qualify- you get that shower installed for free- like I did!

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  1. Those poor lawns. They’re always the first to go. Keep moisture in your lawns by leaving those lawn clippings in. We should really practice harvesting rain water at home before the drought came to add to our water supplies.

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