Experimenting with Pescatarianism


So I’m not an expert on this stuff, but with Wikipedia as my guide I have begun the long road of Pescetarianism. If this seems to be an alien term to you, then in the words of the Pleague (Hackers) “Never fear, I is here.” A Pescetarian as far as I understand it is a person who, much like a vegan avoids meat, but where as a vegan wouldn’t eat fish or eggs or even milk to the Pescetarian these are A-OK options. Which is a good thing for without creamer my coffee would be a shell of it’s former self, and without coffee I would be lost.

vege bullOriginally I started for a class project in Environmental Science where we had a few options, one of which required us to be a vegetarian once a week- this is the path I chose. I felt it important to really see the struggle of vegetarians living in today’s society, so I decided to do it every day of the week. Now I know at this point you may be thinking “Aren’t you a pescetarian?” Why yes, yes I am. I ok-d the change before hand, but the real driving force was the loss of fish in my diet. Fish is good for you- fish oil specifically has a lot of Omega-3’s that help promote healthy brain function and protects our minds even as we grow older. Another up-side to the pescetarian option is that there generally is a fish option in many fast food places I would frequent normally. The only downside to that is one of the most popular fish we eat in America coined “Chicken of the Sea” for our ability to farm them is Tilapia which holds it’s place as the fourth most popular fish in the USA as of 2012 (most up to date numbers I could find) right behind shrimp, tuna, and salmon. Tilapia doesn’t have a whole lot of Omega-3’s which kills the point really. That isn’t why I wouldn’t give up fish though, I just love sushi.

Through my experience I’ve learned a few things,.

  • You probably want to eat about as much food as you would normally. Not knowing what to eat and just not eating anything ended up making vegeme tired and ultimately less productive. All the coffee in the world, while although amazing, won’t change the fact that you need food to get through a day.
  • You can make a whole sandwich out of vegetables, and it can be amazing, I haven’t done it myself but there’s a place on campus that sells sandwiches, and ramen, and stuff. Doubt it’s something I could remake on my own, but perhaps one day.
  • Almost every fast food place seems to have a fish option (probably vegetarian too), although I wouldn’t want to take the time to look through their whole menu, people are nice enough to help when asked.
  • There are A LOT of vegan options at supermarkets, this one surprised me as I never went looking for them before. I got Tofurkey for my sandwiches 🙂 it wasn’t great but I was able to eat sandwiches again 🙂
  • Steamed vegetables and teriyaki are amazing together
  • Vegetarian options tend to be cheaper than meat options, nice unexpected surprise.
  • Practically every commercial I’ve seen that involves food, is meat 😦
  • Meat smells horribly delicious, it’s a unique form of torture watching other people eat it :/

Anyway, it’s only been a month and I could go on, but I feel that’s a good summary of my experience so far. I’ve been plotting my first meal when the project is over so I may blog about that when it happens.

I am DJGoodDeal and I play an Eclectic mix of music every friday at 1 on Zombie Patrol my radio show at kssu.com UTC -8 you can also follow me @djgooddeal on twitter or on facebook.com/djgooddeal



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