Rain, Rain….Stay

rain leaf

As I sit here on my couch at 12:30 in the morning I listen to the rain fall and can appreciate it. The rain has not been seen very much in the recent months in California. We have been going through a serious drought and it has hurt California. Whatever rain we can get we will take and it makes me happy to hear some rain fall.

FolsomLake1California politicians are supposedly working vigorously on trying to solve the California drought. The drought has been killing crops and affecting water levels statewide. I am hoping the rain continues throughout the months steadily and consistently. California is begging for it because this may be a sign of a hot- and I mean hot- summer. When we go through the winter and it looks like summer outside that is not necessarily good.

Weather change is something we should expect more in the upcoming years and more dry summer-ish winters in the near future. In Sacramento it is supposed to rain throughout the weekend, and I am crossing my fingers that it keeps to that. It rained through the whole weekend on and off but Sunday we had our strongest downpour from this storm. It was great to see the water falling the way it was. And I believe we all appreciated it here in Sacramento. Yes we are excited for summer and the summertime season but before we leave sac rivethe cold behind a few rainy days wont hurt.

Basically, we will take what we can get. I enjoy the rain personally, I love the cloudy weather. Sacramento needs the wet season to get wetter because it has been bone dry. The drought has hurt us dramatically but we have some reason to be optimistic. Showers are still coming and storms have been hitting us all week on and off. It is nice to have the rain and I am crossing my fingers that it continues as long as possible!


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