Review of Hologram Kizzie’s (aka Psalm One) ‘Hug Life’

hug life

Just in time for Women’s Herstory Month (March), a time to spend extra effort informing and enlightening ourselves about the unique and significant contributions women have made to history and our own personal lives, Hologram Kizzie (aka Psalm One) is out with her first full length album H since 2012.


Hologram Kizzie

Yes, you read that right, “her”! Hug Life is a testament to Kizzie’s prolific arsenal of styles and moods, which pierce through the shallow veneer of common rap. Kizzie comes highly recommended for any K. Flay fans, but she certainly isn’t only for female hip-hop fans. Kizzie is considered in some circles one of the most promising voices in hip-hop today, among the ranks of fellow artist and brainiac Lupe Fiasco (also from Chicago), and some of THE AJ Taylor’s favorites, Brother Ali and Atmosphere (sharing the Rhymesayers label).

Kizzie’s style is deeply emotional, at times thanks to masterful production and trance-inspired beats she will slide smoothly inside your head and speak to you as your subconscious. The track “So Silly” is the best example of her profoundly emotional rhyming skills. I felt like I was deep in an acid trip, speaking with a close friend about deep-seated issues of love. Kizzie is piercing in every track. This, only a woman can do.

Then, she will turn around in other tracks with a critical and harsh despise for “hoes”- man hoes. In the track, “Abe Froman,” she is calling out the slut shaming perpetrated by male artists and criticizing them for their slut tendencies. This is a common theme among female rappers.

All throughout this album I found myself lost in my imagination and then suddenly ripped back to reality. Kizzie, like Sexy-Decoy-1K. Flay, can send you on a journey and then inject a strong dose of reality right back to your brain.

With unique production, creative and well delivered lyrics, there is something here for all hip-hop fans. Each song is influenced by a completely different vein of hip-hop, which makes for unpredictable listening.

You will undoubtedly hear Hologram Kizzie played on THE AJ Taylor’s Women’s Herstory Month show, Tuesday, March 18th from 10-11 pm on



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