The Reintroduction of Neneh Cherry


In a world full of chaos there is a breath of conscious stability within the first thirty seconds and throughout the remaining 49 minutes on Neneh Cherry‘s new album Blank Project released February. 25.

Neneh Cherry and her cool welcoming voice take listeners, with a simplistic and honest approach, to an unfamiliar neneh cherryrecollection of emotions influenced by the smoothest regions of all genres.

Recorded during a five day period, alongside synth/drum duo RocketNumberNine and featuring a collaboration with singer Robyn, the album is an honest attempt to contain the inevitable uproar that some emotions call for in a capsule of self-reflection.

Fans of “Yeezus”: beware of his long-lost and quieter soul sister.

Inspired greatly by the death of her mother, Blank Project is appropriately titled as it is a minimal and experimental yet fierce projection of sentiments at this point in her life.

On the album’s title track, she dives into a poetic gusto of rhythm where she boasts the love she has for her husband as fast as she takes it back to contemplate the realness that is love. “Need to be right, right to be wrong,” she sings like a poet balancing on the heart of the matter. “Leave me alone but don’t leave me lonely,” she continues.

nen1-600x400From the future she sees for her daughters to the images that do not seem to have a clear cast, her lyrics give life to images that live within the listener. Anybody with self doubt or doubt for their surrounding world will find an understanding in this album.

In “Cynical,” she sings that she has found her sound in the light of distrust and to the fortune of her fans she seems to have the greatest trust in her music.

As she recites, “my mind is weak, heart is strong,” in a song titled “Weightless” she provides a path to enlightenment without being clear about its steps. She provides the settings and the emotions but leaves the message to the listener and that is what makes the album special.

Cherry is currently on tour in the UK.

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