Sa Rang Bang Korean Restaurant Review

sa rang bang 1

If you love Asian food but only tasted Chinese and Japanese food, then you still have Korean food to go. Don’ t you forget Korean food because it is a great experience with strong sweet and spicy foods. Have you ever heard of kimchi? Kimchi is Korean’s traditional and cultural daily food. One of the main dishes when Koreans eat are rice, soup, and kimichi. As kimchi in their diet, kimchi is best with everything even if its ramen or sweet potatoes. Sa Rang Bang, located at 3631 South Port Drive off of Kiefer Boulevard Sacramento, is the place to go to eat some great Korean food.

sa rang bang 2Sa Rang Bang, meaning house for people, has a variety of traditional korean food ranging from bimbap, which is a korean style sad, tteokbokki, spicy rice cake, and kimchi fried rice. I love all types of Asian food and I would rank Korean 4th place in Asian food. First is Hmong food, second is Japanese Food, and third is Chinese Food. In my opinion, Korean food surpasses Indian, Filipino, and Vietnamese food. I won’t be ranking the rest but I believe that when you eat Korean food, it makes you want to go back for more.

When I arrived there for the first time, I ordered the tofu soup, kimchi fried with pork, and spicy rick cake (tteokbokki). Whenever you go to a Korean restaurant, they will always provide you the side dishes and rice. Side dishes usually contains cold vegetables such as bean sprout, kimchi radish, cabbage, or cucumber, tofu with soy sauce, and many more cold side dishes. I don’t understand why they do this but I believe it’s because Koreans likes to eat hot and spicy food and those dishes are there to help cool sa rang bang wall 2their mouths. The side dishes that was given to me was bean sprouts, eggplants, kimichi, radish kimichi, macaroni cheese, and broccoli salad. Also, bowls of rice with their tea.

The food overall was great and fulfilling. What I loved the most was the spicy rice cake (tteokbokki) because the spicy sweet sauce makes it such a great appetizer. The rice cakes are very plain that tastes like rice but very chewy. Although, with the spicy sweet sauce, the rice cake’s plain taste is nothing.

Something that is interesting in this restaurant is that you can write on the walls. It is very rare for you to find a store that allows you to tag yourself on the walls. It is said that in Korea, there are many lovers’ walls for lovers to go to restaurants and write on the the walls. When me and my aunt went, we wrote on the wall with a red marker they provided us. But they don’t provide customers with markers, you will have to bring one yourself. It just happened that we asked and they had one at the moment.

Sa Rang Bang Restaurant is located at 3631 South Port Drive off of Kiefer Boulevard in the Rosemont area of Sacramento. For more information on their hours of operation and menu items, call 916-368-2277.

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