Taking Back Sunday Album Review Happiness Is

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On March 18, 2014, Taking Back Sunday released their sixth studio album Happiness Is. Taking Back Sunday recorded their latest album this past summer, and released this album through Hopeless Records. This alternative band consists of lead singer Adam Lazzara, keyboardist John Nolan, guitarist Eddie Reyes, bassist Shaun Cooper, and percussionist Mark O’Connell.

Taking-Back-Sunday-Band-w-Logo-2014Taking Back Sunday is an American rock band, originating from Amityville, NY. They formed in 1999, by Eddie Reyes. Reyes was already familiar with the music scene on Long Island and had taken part in numerous projects before creating Taking Back Sunday. When creating Taking Back Sunday, Reyes had approached several other veterans in the music field. He approached Jesse Lacey, who had been in the band The Rookie Lot, to play both guitar and sing. Lacey then brought up John Nolan and stated how Nolan should play guitar and take up the singing. In the end, they recruited Antonio Longo, who had been in the band One True Thing, to sing. Once the band was created, they played at the few local venues in New York. Taking Back Sunday had gone through several band names before settling on Taking Back Sunday, and had modeled their music after melodic hardcore bands, such as Lifetime, Endpoint, and Sunny Day Real Estate.

When recording their six tracks EP, Jesse Lacey left the band to form Brand New (who happen to be on tour right now!). WhenArticle-9238370-TakingBackSunday4 Lacey left, John Nolan jokingly asked his friend, Adam Lazzara, if he would move up to New York to play bass for the band. Within the next week, Lazzara moved up to New York to be in Taking Back Sunday. Once the EP was finished, Reyes and Longo had an argument, Antonio Longo left the band, and Lazzara ended up replacing Longo on vocals.

From releasing their first EP, Taking Back Sunday released two albums, Tell All Your Friends and Where You Want to Be. On April 25, 2006, Taking Back Sunday released their
third album, Louder Now. This album was their breakout album due to their single, “Make Damn Sure”.

182248_1_fTaking Back Sunday’s new album, Happiness Is, kicks off with an opener “Preface”, featuring string instruments and a male’s voice. After the opener, the album goes into their first single, “Flicker, Fade”. “Flicker, Fade” begins with both the guitar and the drums building up the song, and then drifts into a more moderate tempo with Lazzara singing and an acoustic guitar playing. Adam Lazzara sings of relationships and the self – destructive cycles many of us find ourselves. Throughout the single, the tempo drifts from being slow, to being at a faster tempo. Throughout the song, I realize that they are staying true to their roots while exploring a new genre.

Their second single, “Stood a Chance” was released two weeks prior to the album release. This single is an upbeat song and has a TakingBackSunday-Jun11-620 (1)constant fast tempo. Through this song, Cooper keeps a steady bass line and Reyes keeps a punchy guitar line. What I like about their album is that they are exploring a new genre, while trying to stay true to themselves as musicians. I also like how they began their album with an intro and and ended with an outro. From the reviews I have read online, reviewers have stated that Taking Back Sunday’s sizeable fanbase cannot agree on which record is their all-time best and they are clear that this album isn’t it.

Taking Back Sunday began their tour in March 2014, and is currently on the last leg of their tour. TBS is touring with The Used, who currently released their new studio album Imaginary Enemy, on April 1, 2014. Check out the review of their show at The Warfield by KSSU DJ Cesar Alexander.

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