Ace of Spades: My Favorite Venue in Sacramento

ace of spaces sac

In the Sacramento area, there are a numerous amount of venues, but  Ace of Spades at 1417 R Street is by far my favorite. I have only gone to metal shows at Ace, but all types of artists are featured there ranging from T-Pain, to Papa Roach, to Impending Doom. When you first walk into Ace everything is painted black in order to keep outside light from entering the musical domain. This makes any stage lights/effects more vibrant and appealing. There is a bar immediately to your left and a little farther ahead there is seating for those who do not like to stand or enter the Pit.

What is the Pit you ask?

ace of spades bar1The Pit is a giant area in front of the stage where people go all fancy crazy and look like hooligans. To elaborate I will give you a mental diagram. People in the back= fist-pumping. People in the front= shouting and jumping with tears of bliss and joy. People in the middle= those who annihilate their friends and foes in the Pit by moshing, pushing, and hate-dancing. Also, the security guards at Ace are big, burly men, but they have fun with the crowd. They even go in the Pit sometimes. When they do, I  recommend that you do not go in. This has always occurred every time I have been to Ace, and I love it. ace of spades crowd

As for the sound system, there are four giant Peavey monitors, and I mean GIANT. As all metal shows should have, there is also a
wall of amps. The amps vary depending on the headlining artist, but they are mostly Orange amps. During intermissions between bands changing out equipment, the soundboard technician or “Sound Dude” plays whatever he wants. Regardless of what he plays, the sound is crystal clear and the bass drops shakes my body like a bunch of maracas.

mosh memeLike every good concert venue, memories are made. One time, my friend entered the Pit and had his nose broken upwards. Not left, not right, upwards like a pig nose. A strobe light was going off and I pointed out to him a velvet looking liquid going down his shirt (which was his blood).  A few minutes later, I went to the bathroom and walked in on my friend pulling a piece of cartilage out his own nose. Good times. Another memory was when I crowd surfed and got to go onstage with Memphis May Fire, a huge inspirational band to me.

Whenever I am craving to attend a concert in Sacramento, I always check Ace of Spades’ calendar first because they are my favorite local venue.

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