Azul Mexican Grill and Tequila Bar- Experience the Blue

azul banner image

Sacramento is such a diverse city that it offers a variety of delicious authentic foods and a number of interesting eateries. With that I have narrowed my favorite place to eat.

For dinner, my favorite spot to eat in midtown is Azul Mexican Grill and Tequila Bar. I can’t even count with two hands the number of times I have been there in the matter of a few months.

azul interiorFirst, the location of the restaurant is great, right off J St and 20th. You can still find parking at a good time and it’s central to other areas that you might want to stop by in the midtown/downtown area.

The decoration and feel of the place is probably one of the biggest reasons I keep coming back. Azul means blue in Spanish, so the restaurant is fully painted bright blue and has interesting and unique art on the walls, with star lanterns hung from the ceiling. It also has an intimate feel because the place itself is not too big and it has small tables with candles.

I would note that you do have to walk up to the cashier area to order, but the food is brought out by well-dressed waiters and plates are presented nicely. It is also all for a reasonable price.azul tortilla soup

My favorite thing to order is the tortilla soup. It is the only place in Sacramento that makes it this way. The tacos are also a good
deal on taco Tuesday!

To drink, order the horchata, or rice water. If you are 21 or over,  make sure to try the cucumber margarita, also called margarita del mercado or try shot of the great variety of tequila offered.

Lastly, enjoy the atmosphere and swing by on a Thursday night when they have live acoustic music inside.


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