Sacramento Celebrates National Poetry Month (Guerilla Style)

poetry month

April is National Poetry Month, and Sacramento is a great place to celebrate.

 Local promotional group ZFG, also known as Zero Forbidden Goals, will be celebrating this month in a non-traditional sort of way, Guerilla style. You may be thinking of warfare when the term “guerilla style” is mentioned, but over the course of 2014, ZFG has taken it and applied it to the arts.

open micLet’s start from the beginning. ZFG hosted an open mic titled #themostopenmicinthecity every Monday at Sol Collective on 21st Street in Sacramento. This open mic welcomed artists of any kind, whether it be a poet, comedian, musician, or even an actor doing a monologue on stage. This was literally the most open mic in the city of Sacramento. But due to some issues, they could no longer host it a Sol Collective..

Which brings us to 2014. Instead of waiting around for a new venue, ZFG decided to take #themostopenmicinthecity around the city, in a guerilla art flash mob style the city hasn’t seen before. The way it works is the host, Andru Defeye, would stand on a chair and speak out to whoever is there, welcoming them to an open mic that they didn’t even know was about to take place. He would start it with a piece of his own, and whoever wanted to speak next, would go. It would go on for a couple hours, one artist after the other, feeding off each other’s energy. The first night would be all poets. But as word got around, it grew from poets, to guitarists, to comedians, to singers, to Andru- #Themosteven Sacramento’s own Element Brass Band coming through. This guerilla open mic night  happened in unusual areas such as pizza places, barber shops, and outdoor Mexican joints.  It was amazing and it kept on growing. The peak of these events was at the famous downtown spot Low Brau, reaching over 100 people in attendance. Art and a sense of community grew from these “guerilla art flash mobs.”

Peep the vid for the first one: 

Finally a home opened up for the artists of ZFG to hold their open mics, which would be the Brick House Art Gallery on  Mondays, at 8:08pm. Although they have a new building to host, during the month of April, they will be taking their guerilla art to the streets of Sacramento once again. Small groups of poets will be surprising citizens of Sacramento by presenting their pieces in random locations. So far they hit the coffee spot, Old Soul in downtown, and a bus. The responses have been very positive from the bystanders so far, and who knows where they will present their poetry next.

the-most-open-mic-in-the-city-at-brickhouseHopefully you will be in the right place in the right time to experience guerilla poetry at it’s finest. And if it happens, don’t be afraid to get up, and speak out as well.

Go on Facebook and like ZFG if you are interested in the performance arts here in Sacramento, and want to know more about #themostopenmicinthecity at:!

Go check out the first two episodes of them celebrating poetry, guerilla style here:

and here:




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