Jake Abbott: The Carpenter’s Son EP

jake abott

Jake Abbott and his production team have just come out with a new EP, The Carpenter’s Son. Bluesy, gentle-on-the-ears guitar, and violin with easy, creamy vocals make this EP something you should definitely look into. There are times when the lyrics leave something to be desired, with repetition taking up the largest section of some songs, but the overall style is absolutely lovely. While it is an obscure reference, this EP reminds me a lot of Troy Baker’s band: easy listening with a hint of twang and well deserved conceit.

microphoneThis EP blew my mind. I usually go into most new music with a skeptical mindset but within the first 30 seconds of the first song I was hooked. I was even really sad that the  CD ended after only 5 songs. Definitely give this EP a listen and support these guys so they can keep improving and making addicting music.

The vocals are pure and distinct and the music is lilting and lazy. Believe it or not, this is my only serious contention with songs as a whole. Sometimes this difference in style clashes and causes me to stop and think about how wrong it sounds. The only thing I can compare it to is the vocal stylings of The Spill Canvas. He just seems to sing a little bit too awkwardly for the way that the music makes the listener feel.

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-DJ Katie Lady Laumes Kaos with a K Mezmiro the 22nd Ph.D. aka the New Little K


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