Zombie Patrol: The True Story

zombie patrol car

Some of my earliest memories have involved listening to the radio, and I never really stopped. So when the opportunity to become a DJ at Sac State presented itself I jumped at the opportunity, and now I have my own radio show, “Zombie Patrol,” which airs every Friday at 1pm on kssu.com UTC -8 (the UTC bit stands for our time zone, in case you’re trying to figure out what time my show would air in your region).

zombie patrolAt this point you may be asking, what exactly is Zombie Patrol? Sure, it’s a radio show, but why should you listen, right? It may possibly be your first defense in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse, and if that isn’t a good reason to listen I don’t know what is.  If such an event were to occur, I would most certainly mention it on-air. While we aren’t facing annihilation by the hands of zombies, I tend to fill time by talking about random news- this can be anything from something local to Sac State, international news, or something as basic as whatever movie is coming out that I’m excited about (currently Godzilla).

The majority of my show is music. I have a love of older rock, metal, and electronica, but I also play anything from country to blues, and anywhere in-between. The only genre’s I generally stay away from are hip-hop, classical and jazz; which isn’t really asparky hard rule or anything, they just don’t pop up in my playlists all that often. A lot of people at KSSU seem to have a theme, but I just love being able to put together a playlist of whatever style of music I’m feeling into that week.

My experience at KSSU has been an extremely positive one, and a lot of the time it’s one of the best parts of my day. I’m surrounded by good people with positive attitudes working towards their dreams, and listening to good music while doing it. I’d highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in radio; it really is a lot of fun.

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  1. Cool! That’s my Zombie Patrol car at the top of the page.

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