Fun in Mexico… and not at the beach!


Mexico is mostly known for its attractive beaches, but there is so much this country has to offer to tourists. Therefore I want to highlight some art and cultural world-known events that happen miles and miles from the shore but that are very worth-while.

I guess you can say I am a little biased because the great, fabulous and beautiful place I am going to tell you all about is the place my parents were raised, and after visiting a few times, I have fallen in love.

Right in the center of the country of Mexico, you will find the small state of Guanajuato (gua-na-hua-to) but don’t let its size fool you.  Not only does the state have fame for legendary celebrities but it is also the home of many historical figures that lead the independence movement from Spain. Although I can go on and on to talk about the great places to visit, here are three notable events to check out!

el cervantino1) Festival Internacional Cervantino (popularly known as El Cervantino)

The Cervantino Festival is held in October in the capital city of Guanajuato. The Cervantino Festival is one of the premier arts and cultural festivals in Mexico and Latin America that features performing arts from around the world with a special emphasis placed on artistic creations in the Spanish language.

The Cervantino Festival entitles a wide range of artistic performances including opera, contemporary dance, theater, visual arts, film, literature and multimedia as well as a variety of workshops, exhibits and conferences. Events are held in venues throughout the city, both indoor and outdoor, including plazas, theaters, churches, historical buildings and even several museum spaces. After the sun sets, the fun continues as the city is transformed to a street party. Live music outdoors and plenty bars to check out, it’s sure to be a great time!

2) Festival Internacional de Cine (Guanajuato International Film Festival or GIFF)

Another festival to attend in the same city of Guanajuato is the Guanajuato International Film Festival (GIFF) that takes place every summer. The GIFF is made possible GIFFthrough the generous participation of institutions and partnerships. GIFF has established itself as the most important platform for young filmmakers in Latin America. In 2011 GIFF received 2,738 films from 108 countries in competition, while hosting over 90,000 total audience members.

Over the course of 10 days, more than 400 films are screened from 10am until 4am in 21 venues, which include such unusual locations as: the Jardín Principal (main square) of San Miguel de Allende; the classical open-air staircase of the University of Guanajuato; the subterranean streets and tunnels beneath Guanajuato Capital, as well as horror films that are screened in both municipal graveyards, plus many more places.

This is a truly unique and enriching  event you don’t want to miss!

international_hot_air_balloon_festival_in_leon_guanajuato_mexico_02 (1)3) International Hot-Air Balloon Festival

Lastly, 30 minutes down the road you can attend the IBF, or International Balloon Festival, that happens in the city of Leon in November. Founded only in 2002, the Hot-Air Ballon Festival has gained a lot of popularity. The León International Balloon Festival is currently the biggest and most important rally in Latin America, and one of the most renowned around the world.

In 2013, the IBF featured 200 hot air balloons from around the world, 25 of these were Special Shaped Balloons and over 375,000 spectators attended. Along with a colorful sky you can also enjoy a great program full of music, colors and carnival rides.




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