The Shine Cafe: A Great Place to Study in Sacramento


For students who find the enjoyment in studying in areas outside the library, they will be happy to learn about different local cafes that are great for studying. One of my new favorite places is located on E Street in downtown Sacramento called The Shine on 1400 E Street in Sacramento.

shine cafeThe Shine Cafe is known for its coffee, art and food. The display of the brew house is open loft-style setting, with bars, benches, tables and couches all around the register. It is a family owned coffee house but gets their coffee from Naked Lounge. What is so great about this coffee house, beside the fact that it is located by The Yoga Seed (for the people who love yoga) but every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday they have events at night. These events are where local bands or artists can showcase their music. Tuesday nights is known to be Jazz night.

I personally have been there only during the day, so I miss the night events, but their drinks are amazing! The baristas have all been very friendly and talkative when I’ve been there. Most of the baristas I interacted with were patient with me, answered all my questions and gave me great recommendations for food options. If you order something you are unsatisfied with, they are more than happy to exchange it for you.  They have good recommendations on smoothies, soups, teas and cupcakes!

I go there and often times order their chai tea, which is my favorite drink. The tea was very fresh which made it gave a lot of flavor while still being sweet. I personally would not drive their just for their drinks, but the atmosphere makes it worth it.  The atmosphere and open layout of the business is what sets it apart from different coffeehouses in the area. I stumbled upon this place as I was getting out of my yoga class, and after going in I understand why it is so popular for locals.  If you are a coffee or tea lover and enjoy studying at different cafes, then I recommend trying this place out!


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