Earth Day at Sac State

green earth

So as you may or may not be aware, Earth Day is quickly approaching. April 22nd, to be exact, which lands on a Tuesday, but for whatever reasons Sacramento State has deemed worthy they have decided to celebrate it on the 17th which lands on a Thursday; obvious bright side is that we will get two Earth Days this way, which may inspire some people to go out and make a difference. I do have some bad news, if you learned everything you know about Earth Day from a Pauli Shore movie, it isn’t going to be like Bio-dome.

ESO 1I’m currently taking an Environmental Science class which has me a little more in tune with these things then most years. It also has me being a part of things, specifically I will be giving tours of the STORC (Sustainable Technology Outdoor Research Center). If you haven’t heard of it don’t worry, I just found out about it a couple of weeks ago. A lot of seniors have to develop something for their senior project and some of the projects end up being housed in the STORC so that they can benefit Sac State in years to come. A few of the cooler things going on there are the Biodiesel program, which I believe we’re trying to get our buses running on. There’s also an Aquaponics set up run by Environmental Studies Professor Brooke Murphy, where a fish tank is hooked up to a garden; the water filters through the garden thus watering the plants and feeding them fertilizer. The now filtered water ends up back in the tank ready for the fish to enjoy. The TA for our class runs the non-continuous Vermicompost bins, which takes waste from the multiple Java City’s on campus and turns it into worm (red wigglers) food, thereby developing a green solution for disposing of their coffee grounds and filters.

There will also be tours of Sac State’s botanic garden and Library Quad Fountain which I’d imagine may be the starting point, as it highlights Sac sac state sustainabilityState’s efforts towards being a sustainable campus. We will be hosting healthy food trucks, one of which will have seafood. There will be a lot of tables with over 40 vendors and some of my class will be presenting projects; I know one group will be showing off their fashionable uses of old clothes. That project will also be taking donations of used clothes.  You can read more about it here.

I read it a few times, and sadly there was no mention of a Bio-dome.

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