The Dr. J Show

kssu studio

The Dr. J Show on is a versatile show that truly dives into the depths of music that you rarely hear. It is every Monday Morning at 11am and it is a great way to start the week.

on airI talk about what is going on in the music world that week, such as concerts, festivals, local events etc. I really get a chance to play my music however, which to me should be shared with everyone. I play some EDM, alternative indie rock, hip hop, electronic, deep house, and R&B. There are different playlists for different days, sometimes I like to change it up from the normal and play new unheard music to maybe some classic hip hop and R&B songs that we grew up on.

I have had a prep show before, the big Life in Color Sacramento concert featuring Steve Aoki. But my goal is to get music to the public, new and different music that not only the mainstream radio puts on the back-burner but music that you’d probably never come across and give it a chance. The thing with music is that it is an opinion, no one genre of music is bad, it is all opinion based. So whenever I play something new I am open to any opinion about it but at least it has your attention. My show is about playing music that I think is great and hopefully boomboxin turn you will think the same way, however if not at least you had the opportunity to give it a chance when any other day you would probably never have come across it.

I honestly love music, it is something that keeps me going, so the thought of doing my own radio show for KSSU was a dream come true and I love playing music for people to hear, and love the idea that others have the same goals as me with their shows. The Dr. J Show is just about good music and good vibes, a chance for people to push their own boundaries on music and hopefully enjoy trying something new. More shows to come and more good music to be heard: take a listen on the wild side Monday mornings at 11 am on, Sacramento State’s student-run radio.


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