Earth Day


I have to show some love for a holiday solely dedicated to the idea of keeping Mother Earth clean and safe. Earth Day is held on April 22 annually and demonstrates support for environmental protection.

mother-earthWe need a day like this because we seem to forget that we hurt our planet with so much of what we do. We pollute and disregard the Earth as an everlasting thing, and yet it is something that can die like any other living thing. Having a day where we support such a great cause in keeping the Earth a clean and safe place is well needed.

I do believe however it needs to be more than just one day where we celebrate and demonstrate support for environmental protection. It needs to be an every day type of thing where we stop and actually think about every little thing we do in how we impact the Earth. We live here, we need to respect it as if it were our own home, and the funny thing i,s it technically is our home. We need to treat it as such and maybe stop and think before we throw that gum wrapper on the floor or not put our recyclable items in the recycling bin.

I think we should all be aware of this more often. I admit that I too take advantage of the idea and forget to be the Mother_Earth_by_josephine101Earth-friendly person I should be, but I think if we all stepped up our game a little more then we could actually have it be a practice instead of a day we celebrate annually. I love my Mother Earth, I should treat her as such. And I hope I get to see more people practicing and celebrating Earth Day and truly going through the steps and demonstrating support for environmental protection.


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