Favorite Albums of All Time: Kanye West, Kaskade, Settle, and Last Dinosaur


My favorite album of all time is a hard question to necessarily answer. I actually have four different ones, one each representing my favorite album for that particular genre.

My favorite hip hop album of all time is Kanye West‘s The College Dropout. My favorite EDM album of all time is Kaskade‘s Fire & Ice. My favorite electronic album is Disclosure‘s Settle. And last but not least, my favorite indie rock album of all time is the Last DinosaursIn a Million Years. All four of these albums are my favorite of all time. It is hard to necessarily pick one when new, amazing albums continue to come out. The reason all these albums are so incredible to me is that I can listen to every single song on each of these albums.

Kanyewest_collegedropoutKanye’s album The College Dropout is great with such classics on there like, “Through the Wire”, “Slow Jamz”, and “Jesus Walks”. This album really sticks out to me because it was my first Kanye West album and it showed his true mastery of music. The College Dropout to me is one of the best albums of all time; Kanye’s creativity on that album is unmatchable and will never be done again.

Kaskade’s album Fire & Ice was the first full EDM album I ever bought. What surprised me as kaskadefireicealbumwell when the album was split in two versions of the songs on the album. The Fire version was the uptempo and upbeat side of the song, the classic Kaskade house banger. Then the Ice version was the more soulful side of the beat, as he slowed down and remixed all the songs to a chilling vibe. Songs on there that I really enjoy the most are “Lick It”, “Room For Happiness”, and “How Long”. I always will remember that album; it was my go-to album to listen to while I took the light rail to school everyday.

disclosure-settle-1500x1500-1370291426Disclosure’s album Settle is an album that will go down in history for the British duo. It really launched them to success, and the album is full of pure hits such “You & Me”, “Latch”, “White Noise”, “Voices”, “F For You” with Mary J. Blige, and many more. I haven’t stopped listening to this album since I got it and I probably listen to a song a day from Settle. It makes me excited for the new music to come from them, and I am actually going to see them live at the Greek Theater this week!


Last but not least the Last Dinosaurs’ album In a Million Years is a summertime album that really puts you in the In_A_Million_Years_Album_Cover
mood to be by the pool or beach, or just outside in general. Their guitar rifts and their “Beach Boys” sound really puts this album on top for me. Songs that really resonate from this album are “Weekend”, “Zoom”, and “I Can’t Help You”.


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