The Electric Run – Sacramento 2014

electric run

On May 30th 2014 The Electric Run makes its return to Sacramento. Its a 5k run that will let you express yourself in any and every way. This year’s event will be held at Cal Expo and will start around 8:45 PM. What can you expect from the event? It will include glowing trees that will change color to match the beat of the music playing during the run. All tunnels will have dancing figures and patterns that will cover the walls from top to bottom. There will be color,  psychedelic cacti, and a cliff that will be in each area that will be lit up with a spectacular display of dancing lights.

electric-runWhat do you wear to this event? Anything really, but I would recommend wearing something very bright that will glow in the dark. The normal crowd wears bright neon colors and sometimes costumes which include the robot from LMFAO, and even something from another planet is fantastic. The main idea is to smile, laugh and have tons of fun.

The awesome trait that you can expect from the Electric Run of course has to have a beginning line, which you will see the huge crowd and will take your breath away. The first time I experienced the Electric Run, it was surreal to see the waves of people that where pumped for the event. Once you start running you will head into the electro rain forest that leads you to Candy Land that looks a lot like candy crush.

A new addition to the theme you will encounter is Under The Sea that will be filled with jellyfish. After that you see the world of NEFFMAU5 and Rainbow Road. The Pillar slider_enterroads-01Party will guide you to the Electric Avenue that will have colorful projection on the walls and then leading to The Powerhouse and Delta Station.

Your Final destination is the finish line that includes a celebration with a concert that will allow you to take the night away and take home unforgettable memories.




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