The Just No Name Show with DJ No Name


My earliest memory with the radio was when I was around the age of five. I remember my mom driving in her blue minivan through the neighborhood that I grew up in and I remember that the song “Don’t Speak” by No Doubt came on. I remember telling my mom to turn the volume up because I really liked that song. Since then I have been obsessed with music, and have grown to enjoy No Doubt. So last semester when a girl in one of my clubs told us about KSSU, I decided to look more into the station and the different opportunities that they provided to students. I decide to e-mail the station manager about how I could go about on getting and internship at KSSU, and that’s how I got here.

guitarOn Friday evenings from 6-7PM on, I go on air for the “Just No Name” show as DJ No Name. The music that I play on my show is mainly alternative and indie music, but I do include a few songs from different genres. For the first couple of shows, I would spend the night before going through my iTunes account picking songs that I liked at the moment and burning my show onto a CD. But since about mid-March, when I had a technical issue with the first song on the CD I burned, I decided to not plan out my shows and just pull CDs from the KSSU studio shelf. At first, I would pick bands that I have heard of, but haven’t particularly listened to. With the bands that I have listened to, I would play songs that the band hasn’t released as a single or aren’t well known. However, recently I have been trying to add a lot of music that is on the Alt/Indie hot shelf in the KSSU studio. Recently, I have been using a lot of hot music because I want to listen to bands that I have never listened to. Plus, I want to introduce my listeners to music that isn’t so popular on the radio.mic

My experience at KSSU has been a positive one. I am surrounded by people who love music just as much as I do. What I like about KSSU is that every DJ brings their passion
and interests to their show and they  share it with their listeners. To anyone who has an interest in radio, I suggest that you be part of your campus/community radio.

To listen to DJ No Name, tune into KSSU.COM every Friday from 6-7PM.


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