Hot Album Review: Foster the People “Supermodel”


When I first heard of Foster the People, I wasn’t too high on them. They seemed like a mainstream pop band that was destined to be stuck on the radio, and unfortunately they became just that. However, their newest album Supermodel struck a different cord with me. When I first listened to a couple songs of theirs at the KSSU Listening Party, my thoughts about them changed. Supermodel was one of the most introspective rock albums I have heard in a long time; a dimmed-down version of their first album, Torches.

Foster-The-People-SupermodelWith this new album I believe the band’s goal was not to make you like them, but rather give you a sense of what it is to be like them. The album is incredible and gives you a vibe that they are heading in a new direction. The song “Best Friend” is personally my favorite from the whole album, it is a song that you can listen to in every situation. The other song that I enjoy is “Coming of Age” which is their other hit single from the album, and really hits the idea of “psychedelic” for me. The album overall however isn’t an improvement from Torches. Both albums are good in their own ways, but Supermodels comes up short in expectations.  I believe Foster the People are in a transition phase. They are going from the pop rock band to what they want to truly become, friend FtP

Supermodel in the end is not bad or good. Some songs stick out more than others, but it will be popular in the end I believe. For me personally I like a few songs, but “Best Friend” hands down takes the cake! I cannot wait to play it this summer, or even at my graduation party because it is so groovy! I am sure Foster the People, one of the numerous Coachella Superstars, will grow from this album and take a new shape. Their music will be their own, but it will be for us as well, keep an eye on this band!


Dr. J (Joseph F. Lozoya)





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