The Devil Wears Prada “Zombie EP” Album Review


When it comes to albums, I do not pay attention to every song on them. Maybe six or seven, or maybe I just download a couple of songs from an album. However, the Zombie EP by The Devil Wears Prada has got to be my #1 favorite.


tdwp logoThis EP was just a side project by TDWP after releasing their second full-length album With Roots Above and Branches Below, but it spread nationwide faster than a jack-rabbit on asphalt in July. The Zombie EP was released August 23rd, 2010, and it is still a top choice for me when flipping through music in my library. The theme of this album is pretty explanatory, but I will go into further detail.

The first song titled “Escape” describes the outbreak and all panic surrounding it. The second, “Anatomy,” tells the story of someone observing the illness and physical appearance of the undead with phrases such as, “you’ve never seen such grey skin/frozen to the touch” and “with contamination comes fever/the disease is at its worst.” The third song, “Outbreak,” details specific instructions on killing zombies with vocalist Mike Hranca acting as a Sergeant and broadcasting that “the cure is a shotgun”. The fourth song, “Revive,” contains a virtuoso moment for clean vocalist Jeremy Depoyster and describes people losing hope. Finally, the fifth song “Survivor” is a monologue about the end of days and a lone survivor losing his sanity along with his loved ones.

Aside from the heartfelt, realistic meanings and literal translations hidden in the songs, the instrumentals are incredible. For those who do not know, The Devil Wears Prada tdwp 1plays in drop-B tuning, which is two and a half steps (or five notes) lower than the normal tuning for a guitar. In English: the album is freaking heavy. TDWP really surprised me when moving from a fast song like “Outbreak” into a slower, more emotional song like “Survivor.” Aside from the guitars, both vocalists are on point. Jeremy Depoyster does not go really high in his vocal range, which is good because it flows well with the song. Plus, nobody would want Jeremy to go so high that he sounds like a little girl. As far as Mike Hranca goes, I am really stoked that he decided to do more growls and deeper screams as opposed to all high/fry screams. This adds a darker element to the whole album and pumps up my body when listening to it.

I believe that this album was the climax of The Devil Wears Prada’s musical career, and I will continue to blast this album while driving, walking, running, or even fighting as long as I breathe. Remember, if you ever want to listen to something heavy and also understand what it is like to withstand an undead apocalypse, check out the Zombie-EP by The Devil Wears Prada.

This is DJ Gingerbeard; be sure to check out by show “Shred the Gnar,” Fridays at noon on– Sacramento State’s student-run radio!


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