New BBQ spot near Sac State: Fahrenheit 250

farenheit bbq

The new replacement of former bar Bislas is now open! Located on Folsom Boulevard near the Sac State campus, Fahrenheit 250 offers a wide range of BBQ, sandwiches, appetizers, and more!

farenheit foooooooodI was initially excited to try this new BBQ joint out, since it was so close to campus. But I left wanting more, but not completely dissatisfied. Don’t get me wrong now, the place is good. If you’re in the Sac State area, do try it.

Let me start with the atmosphere. It was a very roomy place. They have a bar section with one large screen tv to watch any major game. That area has all the high seating. Then the other area is the regular dining area, no TVs, with regular size seating. That area is great for friends, family, and anyone wanting to have some quality grubbing time together. Then there’s an outside area for people to enjoy nice well-lit evenings to get down on some BBQ.

Alright, now the food, which will lead to the customer service. The menu offered a lot, but trying for the first time, I went straight farenheit menufor the BBQ. I ordered three  ½ pound servings of meat and two small sides. The meat of course ranges from chicken, to pork ribs, to brisket, etc. My brother and I ordered the brisket, the pork ribs, and the hot links. Our two sides were the BBQ chips and the french fries. I liked the pork ribs and the brisket, it was good. The hot link was good as well, but they only gave us one small hot link. I was thinking to myself, “That one hotlink doesn’t equal out to half a pound…” They gave us a good amount of pork ribs and brisket, but not the hot link. The BBQ chips seemed like they came straight out of a bag, so I recommend ordering a different side. The french fries was a small serving, but the taste was good. My friends ordered the mac n’ cheese, and they liked it. They provide on the table 4 different BBQ sauces. The sauces were good, especially the spicy BBQ sauce. Overall the BBQ was good, just don’t expect an abundant amount of meat on your plate.

My friend ran into a problem though. He ordered smoked wings form the appetizer menu. He only was able to eat a few, because the rest seemed undercooked, and everyone should know not to mess with undercooked chicken. They couldn’t cook it anymore, because it’s smoked chicken, so they were kind enough to take it off the bill. So the customer service was great on their part, from the hostess, to the waitress, to the manager who came out and talked to us.

Overall, I recommend everyone to go try it, especially because it’s close to campus. I definitely want to go back and try their other appetizers and their sandwiches, like their BBQ nachos. They will take care you of you over there, so go check it out!



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