Eternal Enemies: The BEST Post-Hardcore Release of 2014 (My Current Favorite Album of All Time)

emmure cover album

Metal is one of those genres where you could throw out any band and someone will find a way to argue why they are or are not metal. Most of the people that do this are referred to as “Metal Elitists” and they have got to be one of the most annoying types of people, right behind hipsters. Metal Elitists are actually kind of metal hipsters. So even though I believe Emmure’s Eternal Enemies album to be the BEST METAL ALBUM OF 2014, I feel the need to qualify what genre of a genre (ridiculous, I know) I am speaking of. With that being said, THIS IS THE BEST METAL ALBUM OF 2014!!!

Emmure_JakeOwens_1-e1392778299426I could not wait to get my own personal copy of Eternal Enemies. The album was released on April 15th, 2014, and the night before felt like the night Christmas Eve. With iPod and headphones in hand, I set sail on my daily travel to work (2 hours away by bus) with Emmure’s new album being the only thing on my mind.

I browsed over the list of track names and found one titled “(Untitled)”. Initially I thought, “Well that’s pretty fuckin’ lazy.” But after doing some light research I discovered that is not the name of the song at all. The initial name of the first track was called “Bring A Gun To School”. For once, I actually agree with something iTunes has edited/filtered. It has been made very apparent that Emmure frontman, Frankie Palmeri, did not literally mean bring a gun to school. But for more than one reason I do not feel as though I need to clarify. The lyrics of this song are much like the original title of the song, and I don’t care too much for them, so I pretty much just always skip this one. 

The next track on this album is titled “Nemesis”I LOVE IT. The lyrics to this song are pretty relatable for me, with one specific line, “That‘s the way of the world, they want to see you live on your knees/When you refuse to conform another door shuts.” I realize how stereotypical that sounds being a college kid AND also not wanting to be a conformist. And now I am going to be stereotypical and say I am not like those other non-conformists (currently in college with the goal of working in corporate America, hilarious I know). If lyrics don’t do it for you, this song also happens to be pretty fast paced with the typical amount of double bass which is necessary for all post hardcore bands.

While I do love every song on this album and could talk about each one, I’ll stick to my favorites which is a word I useemmure loosely because everything is my favorite making “favorites” just as important as the next. Haha.

Track three, “N.I.A. (News In Arizona)”, is also one of my favorites. The song starts out with “I’m a goddamn sociopath/I’m a thief/I’m a liar/Devil in the flesh/I only want to use you/Fuck you/Leave you high and dry.” While I have a lot of really great people in my life, I did not get this far a long without meeting people that match this description to a T. This is also another fast paced song with a lot of double bass.

Track four, “The Hang Up”, just has a couple of lyrics I enjoy mostly because they were very thought provoking. “Sold my soul so Satan explain, Where’s my money, power, fame?” Haha oh man even typing them out makes me laugh. Does Frankie believe in Satan? Did he really sell his soul to him/her/it? Is that even possible? I wonder if he’s ever watched Supernatural. Is he a fan of Sam and Dean? Getting off track. I realize I may sound sarcastic but this is literally my thought process every time I hear this song, so it turned into the song that makes me think of Supernatural.

frank pThe next song that I love and was actually my first favorite on this album is called “Most Hated”. Maybe I am still a 16 year old boy, but the only real reason why I liked this song so much is because of the fact that he says “Eat Dick” several times throughout the song. The instrumentals to this song are also unlike any of the rest of the album (secondary reason to try to distract you from the real reason you will also love this song).

On of the track titles was particularly interesting to me because I didn’t really know what it meant. But after doing one simple google search, I cleared it right up. The track is called “Hitomi’s Shinobi”Apparently this is a video game reference. This new found fun fact made me realize that almost every single one of their albums has a video game reference.

The song that I feel has the absolute best instrumentals in track number 14, “New Age Rambler”

The last song on this album is my top favorite song. It is a slower track and actually kind of made me feel: “We Were emmure 1Just Kids”. I related to this song the most. Maybe it is where I am in my life right now or maybe it is because I am still a girl as much as I try to pretend I am not. The lyrics are pretty much, “Too much too soon, or is that simply my excuse?” There are so many things that you could relate to this but you will just have to listen to the song yourself to understand what he is talking about. Or I suppose you could look up the lyrics, cheater.

Why is this album my favorite? When I listen to an artist, there are many things I listen for. The first is the vocals. Emmure has been one of my all time favorite bands because I absolutely love Frankie Palmeri’s voice. It isn’t just his growls, but his actual singing voice is pleasant to listen to as well. The drums (my favorite instrument) in every single song have never let me disappoint.  Lastly, even though the lyrics are almost never deep, everyone knows at least one person they can’t stand, making every song suitable to dedicate to her/him.

This album has already had plenty of controversy in less than a month simply because of the title of the opening track. Former band members have even stood up and commented on what they think about frontman Frankie Palmeri, stating that he is a “disgusting human being.” There are also two music videos that have been put out for the songs “Nemesis” and “Like LaMotta”.  I actually didn’t really like the video for “Nemesis” and thought that it could have had a better imagery, but then again almost every single one of Frankie’s lyrics, as much as I hate admitting it, is shit. On the other hand, I really liked the video for “Like LaMotta”mostly because Frankie Palmeri, though lacking in the personality department, is quite gorgeous. It is always kind of funny to me that metal dudes kind of act like rappers.

eternal enemiesIf you have not had the chance to listen to this album, give it a try. If anything you will appreciate some of the ridiculousness of the lyrics. I am going to compare them to a few bands and the criticism I receive will fall on deaf ears. The bands similar to Emmure in general would have to be Parkway Drive (even though frontmen of Emmure and Parkway Drive have a HUGE rivalry, they are similar), Chelsea Grin, Of Mice and Men, Whitechapel and Miss May I. If you like any or all of these bands, you will most likely love Emmure.

This album is available on almost all platforms including Soundcloud, iTunes, youtube, and Spotify.

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