Why the Rush?

by: Joanne Serrieh

People are always rushing to graduate from college and enter the real world. What those in a hurry don’t realize is that they’re rushing through what is supposed to be the best time of their lives. Graduating and finding a real job after college is an accomplishment. It is a huge step that one takes in creating a successful future. There are many things that only happen during your college years and never again…Prepare to face the harsh reality that somethings will no longer exist or be acceptable in the “real world” after college.  

1. “I can’t go out, I have to study,” will no longer be a valid excuse to stay in.

2. You will never have a 6-week winter break ever again. NEVER EVER.shocked_face

3. Or a one-week spring break either.


4. Or three months off during the summer.


5. Or the option of creating your own 3 or 4-day weekend every semester.

6. Wearing sweats to a place other than the gym or class will become a memory.

7. You will no longer be able to use student discounts. You will be an adult with a real job who can afford to pay 10 percent more for a cup of frozen yogurt.

8. You will no longer have control of what your weekly schedule will look like,
unless you plan on opening your own business right out of college.

9. “I don’t have to pay my student loans yet,” will be an invalid statement.


10. You will be daydreaming about your random naps on the library couches.

11. You will no longer be able to waste hours in the library with your friends doing nothing instead of studying or writing papers.

12. That one spot on campus that you and your friends claimed as your spot will become someone else’s spot.

13. You will no longer be able to blame your irresponsible decisions on “Senioritis.”

14. Skipping work after college for the same reason you skipped class in college will probably get you fired.


Joanne Serrieh is a KSSU.com Radio Presenter
All the Latest with Joanne Wednesdays at 4 p.m.on kssu.com
Twitter: @JoanneSerrieh #AllTheLatestKSS


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