Music Review: “Clppng” by Clipping.

clipping-clppng-2500pxLike many other genres, hip hop in its truest sense has been under a transformation over the last few years.  All genres are experiencing change.  Country has changed big time over the last five to ten years.  Indie music and culture has also changed.  It would also make sense that hip hop has changed.  But don’t get me wrong, you still have your good ole fashion hip hop out there to be had.  And much of it is still being produced, thankfully.

However, hip hop has seen a large infusion of EDM.  EDM being the flavor of the decade, it has seeped into pop music, a little bit of country, and now hip hop too. This isn’t to say that electronica just now got into hip hop, as we have always seen electronica of the old sense in hip hop.  However, if you were to listen to “Dip” by Danny Brown, or just anything referred to as trap music, you hear the new age electronica with its various elements of dubstep, house, and techno, with modern day samplings and synths all wrapped together.

Clipping. is a trio pioneering their own kind of hip hop.  It is hard to say it is trap, however the influences of old-school DJ styles and samples with the new-school, modern sound techniques is all throughout their second LP, “Clppng” (going a-la hipster with the no vowels).  The rap flows are completely on-point, still staying true to what (vocally) hip hop is all about.  “Clppng” offers this experimental sound that one can only appreciate for its musical creativity and prowess.  My favorite track off the is “Work Work” that features Cocc Pistol Cree, and overall a familiar sound that isn’t too experimental to hip hop fans.  For those unsure about this album, I definitely recommend starting with this track first.  Another equally interesting track that kept my attention was the second track, “Body & Blood,” which features lyrics and beats very reminiscent of tons of track albums now, with a little Trent Reznor-esque twist to it all.

Overall it is a great album and definitely worth a listen.  Clipping. meshes a sound somewhat like Kendrick Lamar, but makes it completely experimental, putting them with the likes of Danny Brown, Open Mike Eagle, and Young Fathers.  Clipping. is something familiar, yet strange.  Music is hard to produce.  Experimental music can even be harder.  Clipping. does a wonderful job.  The album, “Clppng” just dropped a few days ago, on June 10th, and can be downloaded digitally in the usual locations most preferable for yourself.  You can listen to the whole album (for now anyways) on YouTube.  Then add it on Spotify, or have at it on Pandora or iTunes Radio.  Enjoy.

Josue “Josh” Alvarez Mapp, a.k.a. DJ Mappquest, hosts a variety of shows.  His primary show is Wubshack, hosted on every Thursday from 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM PST.  Mappquest specializes in electronica, but has a soft spot for his roots in hip hop and alternative.  Follow him on Faceboook and Twitter for more of what he’s up to.


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