Glow Golf

2014-07-05 13.10.49

Golf it’s a game which originated in 15th century Scotland, and is currently played the world over. Even if you don’t play the game there’s a fair chance you know of a few players, as some golfers have become household names such as Tiger Woods, Ben Hogan or Arnold Palmer(not the drink).  Golf is the fine art of hitting a tiny ball up to 500 yards down a strip of grass known as a fairway all in the hopes of making it in a hole slightly larger than the ball. Somehow this is meant to be a therapeutic and calming game, but anyone whose tried their hand at this could tell you that’s not always the case.

Glow-sticks on the other hand were patented in the 1970’s, and have become a much larger sensation in a lot of ways. They are a weak, cheap and disposable lighting source that tend to find a myriad of uses in our lives from Halloween to parties. At some point a brilliant man came up with the idea of sticking these things in golf-balls so we could golf at night.

2014-06-28 21.00.57

I went glow-ball golfing for the first time about a week ago, and the first thing I noticed was that the balls were clear and had a hole in them for small glow-sticks. The clear golf balls are much heaver than a normal golf ball, the people we played against compared it to hitting a rock. I’m not sure that I found it overly difficult to play with, but it did require me to club up while golfing. The golf course I was playing had lights on the flag and at the Tee which made this whole game possible.

The idea of glow golf is really cool, you have a bunch of people decked out in glow sticks walking around a pitch black landscape. There is also the effects of the glow in the dark balls which make a pretty cool effect as you hit them, kind of like a really small shooting star.

There are a few things I didn’t care for though:

  • I can’t see where i’m walking half of the time; consequently, this can be pretty scary when you’re running off to grab your ball after hitting it into someone else’s fairway.
  • The wildlife tends to be a little different, normally during the day you might see ducks or deer. During the night Nocturnal animals wake up and run around.
  • When I played we were only given one ball apiece, now I know i’m not a great player but this clearly isn’t enough.
  • It was really hard taking pictures in the dark.

2014-07-05 14.39.17

Aside from some small cons, I found this to be quite an enjoyable game. I do feel that the whole experience would have benefited from some future trees, but it’s definitely a cool way to spend a Saturday night. One tip for anyone who may attempt this game, I highly recommend placing a glow-stick on your bag as they do become quite difficult to find in the dark.

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  1. Glow golf is great fun. You guys rock!


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