ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Ice Bucket

ALS(Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) is a Neurodegenerative disease in which the recipient quickly becomes paralyzed, eventually being incapable of breathing resulting in a 100% mortality rate. In the United States the disease is commonly referred to as “lou gehrig’s disease” in honor of Lou Gehrig aka. “The Iron Horse” a Major League Baseball player for the New York Yankees 1923–1939. June 19th 1939 Lou Gehrig received his prognosis on his 36th birthday, and it was June 2, 1941 that he passed away. His wife Eleanor never remarried, and spent the remainder of her life supporting ALS research.

The ALS ice bucket challenge has recently gone viral with a myriad of celebrities including Ron White, William Shatner, Robert Downy Jr, and Bill Gates all dunking a bucket of Ice water to raise awareness of ALS. So here’s the deal, if you happen to be challenged by someone during their Ice Bucket Challenge you’re expected to take the challenge as well. Grab a bucket fill it up with Ice Cold Water, personally I went with a 5 gallon bucket and 7lbs of ice, but people seem to use whatever they have on hand. After dumping the Ice cold slurry of Ice and water on your head then posting your video/images for the world to see you’re now entitled to challenge others to go through the same experience, the minimum seems to be challenging 3 other people to the ALS ice bucket challenge.

What If i Don’t want to dump freezing water on my head?

There is an out, supposedly if you don’t want to dump freezing water on your head you’re supposed to donate to the ALS charity of you’re choice. This is all in good fun for promoting awareness of a horrible disease, and it’s making a real difference for the charities quadrupling the donations they were seeing last year around this time.

The whole process vaguely reminds me of those old chain-letter’s where you would have to send it to several other people or you wouldn’t find true love or something equally ridiculous. Except with a far more noble purpose, personally i’m all for it, I even went through the challenge myself.

2014-08-17 14.32.03-1

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