Sacramento State’s Phone App

SacState App small

Looks like Sacramento State now has a phone app which means no more mobile browsing for the masses, it has been lavishly equipped with just about anything you could hope for in a college phone application. The main screen gives us a layout of our options including a hotlink to a campus map, which I was very happy about until I clicked on it. It seems that it’s a hot thing for developers to connect to the google map api these days, which is convenient most of the time but on a college campus I’d really prefer to see something similar to the maps Information hands out in the Union. On the flip side it is a map that’s fairly easy to get to on your phone and it is usable.

The phone app also has a directory section for looking up emails and phone numbers for a professor, which I can see some limited uses for but it’s still a cool feature to have. There’s also a link to blackboard, but you need to have the blackboard app installed for it to do anything other than point you to installing the blackboard app. There’s also a section for enrolling in classes, sadly the feature appears to be coming late fall but all the same i’m looking forward to it.

There are some pretty cool features in this app that have already been implemented, the news and the events sections are probably my favorites. See Sacramento State is a pretty large place, and it’s hard to know what’s going on all the time. Sure there are signs in the union informing of upcoming events like the comedian we have coming next week, but spreading information is largely done by word of mouth. Using the word convenient would be shortchanging how useful having a central source for events, and news at Sacramento State is. There is also a library section on the app that connects to “one search” one of the most powerful resources that we have for information gathering at Sac State.

The app has some social sections that cover the facebook and twitter feeds involving Sacramento State as well as some photos and video sections full of both information or just fun random videos. There is also an Athletic section on the app which should cover scores from games and top stories.

This app appears to be an excellent resource for new students, and students who have been here for awhile. Personally I’m going to hold onto it for the events and news sections which I will most likely be talking about on my show Zombie Patrol every Thursday at 2pm on KSSU you can listen in here or on your phone using the tune in app.


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