New DJ Josh: Let’s rock out, yeah?

DJHi everyone,

My name is Joshua (I prefer Josh) and I’m still doing training to hopefully start my own radio show with KSSU very soon. I can’t wait to get started playing some amazing music for you guys! My favorite genre of music would be hardcore rock. When I finally start my show, I’ll be playing songs from bands like: My Chemical Romance, A Day To Remember, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, Rise Against, and many other awesome bands. I will be playing a little bit of everything, and also probably have small talks about the bands and what they are up to! If one of the singers got sick and wont be on tour for a while, you can bet I’ll be informing the listeners about it! Music is what keeps me going and I’m constantly listening to it, even when i’m not I have music playing in my head so there is no way of escaping it.

I also have a huge love for technology; anything involving new phones, computers, gaming consoles, and video games, gets me excited to talk about it so definitely expect to hear me talking about that on my show. I don’t have a specific name for my show yet, or even a DJ name, but for sure I’m planning to play some amazing hardcore rock music, and talking about the latest tech.

Now a little bit about me, I grew up in a town called El Centro, which is in Southern California it’s about 15 minutes away from the Mexican border. On a normal day it would be over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It was also a very small town so there wasn’t much to do there, except find somewhere where with air conditioning. I’m sort of an introvert, and doing this show will help me come out of my shell, and hopefully be more social with people which is kind of the reason I moved so far away from home. I wanted to start new and forget everything I grew up with. In the Imperial County (where I’m from), the Mexican culture is huge. It gets boring at times when that’s all you know, once I moved up here it seemed like a whole new world for me because everything is so different and exciting.

I’m majoring in Graphic Design, and I transferred from a community college near my hometown. The school was very small, I’ve seen high schools that are much larger, and offer a lot more to their students than that community college did. I’m very excited to start here at Sac State, and I’m also excited to be in a new city, somewhere where there is so much to see. I live in the dorms here in Campus so it’s a little difficult to get around, especially since I don’t have my own car. Just being here has put me in a better mood.

I’m excited to start my days being part of the KSSU crew and playing some amazing music for the listeners. Thanks for taking the time and reading my intro! Stay tuned in for my show, and have an awesome day. 🙂

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