Returning DJ: Sandeezy

What’s up everyone? This is your DJ Sandeezy!!! I am back this semester, Fall 2015, with a new time and show: Friday at 12:00 p.m.

I am still sticking to what I did from last semester, accepting requests from my listeners and people through my facebook and twitter. That is a reason why you should always tune in, because if you make a request, your song will be played. This semester I hope to improve my live talking, and transition with music and commercials. Last semester I had a hard time transitioning music, and commercials along with talking because I did not really use my headphones. This semester, I do not think that I will use my headphones either, but I want to improve my transition so it would provide a more professional experience for the listeners.

I am still sticking with Alternative Rock and Indie genre, but I am accepting all type of genres as requests. In the past, I have taken songs that are hip hop, rock, and pop including kpop (Korean pop music), etc. I am not picky with music, and i’m open to all types of music and genre. I want to stay open minded on music in order to learn more. I also like to play a lot of music that is trending on Youtube charts, so my listeners are familiar with the music that I am playing.

Like always, if you want to request check my facebook and twitter status and I will post a “taking request” status to which you may reply with a link to a song or video. Although there is something new this time, I would like to answer your questions. Most of the time I do not have much to say, so I would love to take questions and answer them live.

People should really tune in because my show is amazing and I am improving every time I am in the studio. Moreover, our studio moved to a new place that allows for KSSU to have more exposure, so please please show a lot of love to our KSSU Student Run Radio.


Don’t foreget to follow me on twitter and instagram at “djsandeezy” and add me as friends on facebook (Sandy Chang).

Tune in every Friday at noon on KSSU to listen live

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