New Semester: The Sandeezy Way

What’s up everyone! This is your DJ Sandeezy.

I am very excited about this new semester. It is my second year in Sacramento State University and I am planning to do a lot more than last year. I am currently taking seventeen units and involved with 2 programs, which are Full Circle Project Student Association and KSSU. I am trying to get into more clubs such as Hmong Health Alliance and American Red Cross Student Association. You may think that my schedule seems packed but I like it because my packed schedule keeps me busy and running around all the time.


To prepare for my busy packed schedule, I always have a two scheduler with me: a daily scheduler and assignments scheduler. I use my Iphone as my daily scheduler, as instance, I would put my classes and clubs events down on the calendar, so that when I check what I have to do for the day when I am on my phone. Then I use my school agenda as my assignment scheduler. I would write all my things that I need to do and it’s due date in my agenda. I like using color pens that helps me organized which more important than the other or which homework is first priority and so.

I really like coming to school, because I get to stay away from my  family for some time and enjoy fun times with my friends. I really do not mind taking so many classes and going to club events. But there is one thing that I do not like. I am a heavy sleeper and need my morning sleep, but I always have to come to school early just because of traffic. Around 7:30 to 8:30 a.m., traffic is so heavy from my house all the way to school. Moreover, parking is such a nuisance. Sometimes, I regret learning how to drive because everyone is just fighting for the closest and most convenient parking. If I did not learn how to drive, I could just easily be dropped off and does not have to worry about getting the closest and most convenient parking.

Although I really like coming back to school, the only thing that is quite difficult for me right now is my sleeping schedule. I did not have time to adjust my sleeping schedule and just coming straight to school, I have a hard time waking up in the morning. But these past weeks, I am doing a little better and able to wake up earlier.

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