New Semester for DJGingerbeard

I am very ecstatic to say that this semester I only attend classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays (compared to last semester when I had to commute every, frickin’, day). With this change, my show time is no longer Fridays at noon, but Thursdays at 9am. Anyways, how do I start my day?

I wake up at 5:30am for a stretch/scream. This is where a human being wakes up and instantly stretches and flexes his or her entire body. This pressure builds up an animal-like bellow which shakes the room. After that ordeal, I climb out of bed wearing nothing but boxers and a black tall-tee. In the kitchen, I make some coffee and am greeted with a furry smack to my leg by my cat Baxter. Adding two sugars and non-fat milk to my cup of Joe, I pour some into a saucer for Baxter. He enjoys coffee as much as I do. After slamming down breakfast at the speed of light, I lumber with a fully belly back to my room to put on clothes and pack my bag for school. Climbing in my car around 6:15, I then put one of my thirty-gazillion mix CD’s into the radio and zoom off.

I get to school around 7am, which is perfect because I beat the traffic, find a good parking space under some trees, and check Instagram for things that amuse my eyeholes. My first class, Government: International Affairs, starts at 7:30am. In this class, I usually just shake my head in agreement with whatever the professor is saying while doodling and copying notes from his powerpoints. Such hard work. Ending at 8:45, I then get a break until 10:30. During this time I either catch up on volunteer hours, sleep, or have my radio show. The time is 10:30, and Introduction to Archaeology has begun. I sit in the back and do the exact same thing from my Government class.

At noon I head over to my Philosophy class.  Last year I took two philosophy courses so I thought to myself, why not take this one? It sure does interest me, so “YOLO”. After my favorite class is my most despised class at 1:15, Intermediate Algebra and Business Math. Don’t get me wrong, I do not hate math and I am pretty good at it, but this classes pains me to my core. The professor is an older Asian woman with a very thick accent, so some math terms are hard for my brain to comprehend when everything sounds out of whack. Also, the classroom is HUGE and sometimes she does not use the microphone! Typically, I leave class twenty to thirty minutes early (she does not even notice) to go do what humans are best at- eat. I eat either lunch I have brought in my car or go get Panda Express because you can never go wrong with Panda. Well, at least I can’t.


Well, there ya have it! A day in the life at CSUS with DJGingerbeard! Be sure to listen to my show Thursdays at 9am on! Now get on out of here and get some Panda!

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