Impressions of the Fall 2014 Career Fair


Today, September 24th 2014, was the Career Fair here at CSUS and it was a very interesting experience for me. I arrived about 20 minutes early to get to the jobs before it got too crowded; that was not the case at all. They had us wait until 10am to start letting everyone in, and let me tell you, the line to get in was very long. It took about 10 minutes just to get up to the registration tables and sign in.

Once inside, the site of large banners, and tons of students in suits moving around trying to get by each other quickly looking for new job opportunities greeted me.

The options for jobs were very scarce especially if you have little to no experience. To me, it seems like the businesses that do show up to look for new employees, are looking for students who have already entered, and had experience in their major, so it was difficult to impress the employers when you are a first year student. I was not able to look into detail at all of the businesses that showed up due to some schedule conflicts, but to the booths I did visit always greeted me with a smile.

I visited three booths: Intel, Sacramento Children’s Museum, and Verizon Wireless. Out of the three, I had the best experience with the people at Verizon. They were very friendly and willing to answer all questions relating to what they do, and what jobs they offer. I do have work experience, so they did seem interested in what I had to offer, and that gave me confidence that there will be a chance for me to possibly get a part-time job with them. At the Intel booth, they started you off by filling out a form on a Windows 8 tablet, which was general information. Once finished with that, they had someone come out and talk with you and give information. The man who came out and greeted me was friendly. He did provide some information, but just did not seem interested after he found out that my major was graphic design. Finally, at the Sacramento Children’s Museum booth, they were looking for volunteers that could potentially be employees in the long run. This opportunity seemed like a great opportunity to have something on my resume that will look good so I went for it.

The whole event is a great experience; I believe the school should change it up a bit. Perhaps host it outside, it was a hassle trying to communicate with the employers. There were multiple times where I had to ask them to repeat themselves because it was too loud and crowded to hear them.

I recommend going to the career fair if they have one again next semester, especially if you’re experienced in your field. Even if you are a first year, with little to no experience, it’s still a great way to learn about what employers expect, plus it’s a free event so there’s no harm in trying it out.


Josh is a dj with KSSU Sacramento State’s only Student run radio station. So like tune in and listen.

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