Album Review: “Ethnotronica” by Ireesh Lal

EthnotronicaThe turn of the millennium introduced the rise and eventual dominance of electronica in the U.S.  Sure it has existed before and there was a niche who followed it.  But its mass consumability was born post 2000.  Ethnotronica by Ireesh Lal is an interesting addition in the electronica world that may go sadly unnoticed because it isn’t “main stage”-esque, or dubstep, trap, deep house, etc.  What is it?  It is art.  It is music that paints a picture.  It is music that sets various tones, moods, and feelings depending on the track you hear.

The lead off track for the album is “ElectroLounge”.  Though it has an element of a euro-lounge hint in it, it incorporates various horns a more Middle Eastern flavor, with an added layer of a trance-like, house’ish electrobeat to drive the song through.  “Liftoff” continues with the brass touch of instruments in the song to paint the track through.  Like “ElectroLounge”, “Liftoff” holds with the house foundation to drive the song with its rhythmic beat.  Subtleties of electro/techno is laced throughout the track to give it a futuristic element.

Much of Ethnotronica is much like “ElectroLounge” and “Liftoff”.  However, each song is uniquely different in its composition.  Each track will have your mind in a different place.  Each track will have your body feeling a certain way.  Music like that is hard to come by.  Without any lyrics, Ethnotronica and other musical attempts like it have to be on point with its instrumentation and composition.  But Ethnotronica does not fall short by any stretch of the imagination.  Immediately after hearing it, some of my personal favorites like Thievery Corporation and Prefuse 73 came to mind.  Another contemporary of Ireesh Lal would be Ilhan Ersahin.

Ethnotronica is but it isn’t electronica.  It is electronica as much as it is jazz.  Ireesh Lal fuses elements of jazz, house, trance, with middle eastern horns to piece together a great album.  It definitely sinks in to every facet, every sense.  It conjures strong images to the mind listening.  Ethnotronica drops on October 7th.  You won’t want to miss it.  Expect to hear it, and other great tracks on very soon.

DJ Mappquest hosts an electronica/EDM show on every Thursday night from 9-11 PM pacific time.  Find out more about him and his projects on Facebook and Twitter.


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