The 30/30 (Thirty-Thirty) with Jerel Labson


Hey everybody, this is KSSU radio host Jerel Labson here to talk about my new radio show for Fall 2014. To start off, my schedule for this semester are Wednesdays from 5:00pm-6:00pm. Tune in by going to, then clicking “listen live”. Or by downloading the tunein radio app available to the Itunes app store, the Google Play store, and the Windows app store, and adding to your stations.

Now that all that technical stuff is out of the way, let me tell you guys exactly what the 30/30 is all about. With the 30/30, I wanted to provide an entertaining radio experience for people to tune in to. So the first half hour will consist of straight music with no interruptions. Then the second half will be straight talk with a different guest every week (so you don’t have to hear a radio host talk to himself for half an hour straight).

The Music

I decided that this was best because if you want to just listen to music, then you could do so for the first half hour. No DJ telling you what each and every song is, or going off on tangents without you knowing when the next song will play, it’ll be just pure music for a half hour straight. The type of music that i’ll be playing will be most subgenres of rock. So genres ranging from indie to alternative rock, to punk, to pop punk, and so on. Although I will not be including hardcore or metal (there are plenty of great metal shows on KSSU to tune in to, just check the schedule ;D). If you are familiar with radio stations in Sacramento,  the music i’ll be playing will be similar to the music they play over at Radio 94.7. If you are more familiar with radio stations in the bay area, it’ll be similar to the music over at Live 105.3. So with my show, no need to worry about the same top billboard hits being played over and over again. Expect a great variety whenever you tune into the 30/30!

The Talk

After the half hour of music, then listeners can listen in on a half hour of talk. Every week there will be different guests on my show to discuss various topics such as music, movies, art, pop culture, etc. It’ll be different with every guest, and the great thing is, everything is unplanned and unscripted! So listeners can hear real and natural interaction. I feel that listening to the half hour of talk can stimulate listeners to think, whether it be about themselves, what’s going on, or to think happy thoughts. It’s not a serious NPR vibe if that’s what you’re thinking. So expect for guests to include regular people such as you and I, musicians, entertainers, poets, and so on. Also, if you want to be on the show and want to express yourself and talk, feel free to contact me! I am open to anyone wanting to experience being on the radio! Just email me with any questions or inquiries at

A Little Bit About Myself


This is my fourth year of being apart of and I am loving it. I started as a freshman in college, and will keep going until I graduate. My show used to be The Jumble with DJ Jabson, but that is all changed now. I feel more like a radio host rather than a disk jockey. Other than that, just tune into my show to get to know who I am as a person!


374602_243913382340916_1150561487_nAgain, my show is The 30/30, every Wednesday, 5:00pm-6:00pm. Tune in by going to and clicking listen live or by downloading the tunein radio app and finding If you want to be on or apart of the show, email and we’ll chat! Also, don’t be afraid to hit that phone line during my show! The number is (916)278-3666. Thanks for reading, and remember to support college radio!

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