Album Review: VibraGun


A true and at times forgotten art is an album that takes the listener on a journey; a story that is told through song and ushers emotions that were felt by the artists themselves. In their debut, self-titled album, VibraGun does just that. This up and coming indie rock/shoegaze band takes us on the lead singer’s (Joel Bergstrom) emotional roller-coaster of traveling around the world and eventually finding peace and his true self after discovering a home.
Although the 8-track album was not released until January of 2014, the project really began in the summer of 2011. It was then that Joel began to seriously experiment with the clearly natural-born talent that has always lied within him. Inspired by the interesting and ever-changing music scene in Seattle, WA, Joel released his first EP and started to gain popularity in the music community. Eventually, he was able to collaborate with four other musicians in order to record a full album.
As an eclectic lover of music, I tend to pick and choose a few artists from each genre, but I have to say that VibraGun is a rad contribution to the world of music. I really respect that Joel and the band have channeled an 80’s and 90’s rock vibe while still crossing boundaries in terms of what is current. Their songs mix interesting guitar sounds and prominent baselines with symphonic, almost eerie vocals. Amber Joy Smith contributes super cool vocals and synths to VibraGun’s sound. In fact, one of my favorite tracks, “Disintegrate Dream”, features her vocals alone. The song is somewhat echoing the track before it, “Send Me to Dream”, in which Joel rocks the vocals. Towards the middle of the album, the tempo picks up, as well as the general feeling of losing control, with tracks like “All the Cool Kids”. Listeners are treated with very honest and artistic tracks at the end of the album, namely “Get Away” and “Can’t Breathe (In This Place)”. I genuinely hope you get the chance to check this band out because I have a feeling they’ll be continuing to challenge themselves and release some exciting, new stuff.

DJ Jazzy Jazz hosts an Alt/Indie show on KSSU every Thursday morning from 10-11 AM pacific time. Find out more about her and her projects on Facebook.


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