Spectrum: Where do you Fall?


Originally a home-project and podcast, Spectrum was never meant to go live. DJ Afrodust (Juanita Greene) and I, DJ Mophead (Taylor Maurits) were wary of taking on a platform that had such strict censorship guidelines. However, after giving it a shot and interviewing with the staff, we grew eager to work with and learn from people who had experience with the FCC and the pressure of live shows. Plus, it is not KSSU’s fault that society is not willing to accept that Amendment we passed years ago. Dealing with the censorship guidelines has proved to be a challenge, but one we must understand as necessary if we are ever going to be able to reclaim our free speech.

The experience at KSSU thus far has been amazing. We have learned so much about equipment that scared us. Neither of us are technologically savvy, so it has been very helpful to have access to people who are not pretentious and willing to listen to rudimentary questions about things they have been doing for a long time. We have also appreciated the ability to make mistakes on air, no one judges you if you slip-up. It has been such a blessing to get such a huge learning experience without having to fear a boss or have someone limit what topics we can talk about. Rumor has it that many radio stations run a-muck with expectations, songs you MUST play and special interests, but KSSU don’t play that, and we appreciate it.

Spectrum is free-format so have no expectations of what you will hear. We want to talk about anything and everything that gets our wheels turning. DJ Afrodust and I met in Women’s Studies and Government courses, so you can expect everything to have some type of political call to action. We like to talk about things on air that we talk about over a pumpkin spice latte. We have talked about feminine hygiene norms. We talked about the new craze of online dating apps like Tinder, OkCupid, and our judgements about them. Then, we downloaded them, went on dates and put ourselves in the hot seat. This week’s show (10/1) is about American food culture and how we have grown so comfortable with throwing food in a dumpster when there is someone sleeping right next to it.

Our show aims to break down the limitations of absolutism. Absolutism is not a conversation. We think it is important that we push our listeners and ourselves outside of our comfort zones. “I would never do that”. “I do not like that”. “That is not for me”. The latter phrases are not Spectrum. They get us nowhere, they have started wars, they have prevented friendships, they make people unhappy, they keep lines drawn in the sand. Forget absolutism, help us paint a world framed as “black-and-white” back to its true colors.

“Where do you fall?”

Tune in every Wednesday, 8-9 p.m. on KSSU.com or download the Tunein app on your mobile phone. We can’t wait to talk to ya.

DJ Mophead


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