And what do you plan on doing with your Comms Degree one might ask?

One of my favorite things about being part of KSSU is that I get to earn hours by blogging on the KSSU WordPress account about anything that interests me, whether it be music, movies, or blog assignments given by the blog editor,Chris.One of the blog assignments that I decided to start off with for the month of October is about our college major.


Since starting my senior year at Sac State, one of the questions that I continuously get asked is what I plan on doing with my degree, what careers can I get with my degree, and why I ultimately decided to pick my major.
My major at Sac State is Communication Studies with a concentration in Mass Communications. For anyone who doesn’t know, Mass Communications is a piece of information that is transmitted through a type of medium, such as print or television, and given to a larger audience.

When I applied to Sac State two years ago, I didn’t really know what I wanted to major in because I have so many interests. I decided that I would apply to the majority of the schools as a Communication major because the university offered a variety of concentrations within the Communication Department. The only classes that I enjoyed going to, and didn’t want to skip were my English and Speech classes. The main reason why I picked my major was because my career and education professor in community college told the class that the majority of jobs out in the real world want a person who can communicate. I think I decided to just apply as a mass media because I really wanted to have a career in either film or radio.

When I first declared my major as a Communication Studies, I still wasn’t sure if I had made the right choice in picking my major. It wasn’t until my last semester at community college where in my Intro to Mass Communication course, that we had a debate on whether or not we influence the media or if it is vise versa. From that lecture, I have totally been interested in how technology and media affects society, and only wonder what will be developed in the future.

My least favorite question that I have been getting asked is what I plan on doing with my major. I honestly still don’t know what I want to do with my degree. As long as I am doing something creative, I will be happy. When I first started taking upper division courses at Sac State, I really was interested in being part of the broadcast industry. Granted I still am, but recently I have been considering a career in Advertisement or being a social media coordinator at a non-profit organization.


I would recommend Communication Studies as a major to anyone who wants to have a major with a variety of career opportunities. I would also recommend this major to anyone because students are truly learning about communication skills that you can apply anywhere and at anyplace. You are able to learn to apply what you learn in the classroom to your day-to-day life. My advice to all who are applying to schools is to look over the major courses and see if you would enjoy taking them.

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