TBD Fest 2014 Review

10497888_977879928905052_6671002027215165432_oAnd just like that, TBD Fest 2014 came and went.  I won’t bore you with the historical background of this festival (I already did that).  So lets get to it!

There were some technical difficulties of sorts to start things off.  The crowd was not let in to the grounds on opening day, October 3rd, until close to the close of amazing local band Autumn Sky’s set around 4 PM’ish.  Once things opened up and everyone came in, amazing happened.  I could tell you how amazing so many artists were this weekend, but that would be a very lengthy read for you.  Instead, just know that many were extremely on point.  But for the sake of getting it out there, here’s a list of bands I saw (in no particular order except from me reading the schedule from Friday to Sunday):  Autumn Sky, Who Cares, Exmag, Young Rising Sons, The Drums, Gramatik, Com Truise, Dillon Francis, Danny Brown, French Horn Rebellion, The War on Drugs, Male Gaze, Smallpools, Sister Crayon, MS MR, Teen Daze, Explosions in the Sky, Keys N Krates, Kurt Vile and the Violators, Total Slacker, Deltron 3030, 8th Grader, and Yacht.

With four stages, TBD was larger than life, especially in comparison to Launch Festival last year.  Musically it was on point.  There was a little bit of something for everyone!  To boot, the sound system of each stage was by far superior to last year at the Launch Festival.  I actually wished, at moments, that I had my earplugs.  From what I heard, the talk around town was how loud it was.  One could hear TBD Fest a mile away (maybe even a bit more).  It was great!  Many would have liked to be able to talk to their friends better, but there were plenty of spaces around the festival for communicating while enjoying the sound of the band(s) and atmosphere.

10708549_977878742238504_8600961272884287820_oThe festival grounds was another story taken from TBD Fest.  Held across the street (sort of) from Raley Field, the grounds was a relatively large chunk of pure dirt.  Space wise, there was more than enough space this year for the throngs of festival goers.  However, by the late afternoon/early evening, things looked something like a mini-Dust Bowl.  Things started to look like a massive battle royale of groups of people representing different colors about to showdown with music stages in the backdrop, as bandanas, dust masks, and other creative solutions were born to cover noses and mouths from inhaling all the dust.  It was semi-problematic, and hopefully is addressed next year if TBD returns to that specific site.  Personally, more seating area, even if it is grass, is a far step up.

But even with loudness for some, and the dirt for all, it was still great in my opinion.  Many boutiques and vendors were present with a sample of their supply to be bought.  Many festival goers got a taste of the fashionable, trendy, and creative minds of Sacramento.  To boot, there was a fashion show held on Sunday.  TBD Fest was also graced by many vendors from SactoMofo including, but not limited to, Drewski’s (my personal favorite Sac-town food truck), Krush Burger (second favorite), and Street Taco, to name a few.

Three days of music, great food, merch and products galore in ample supply this year.  Plus a carousel and a Ferris wheel.  TBD Fest this year was by far larger than last year.  Though some had some problems with the loudness, and almost all had issues with the dust, it was still the best music festival in Sacramento hands down.  And in comparison to other sorts of festivals, this lofty ambition of raising the bar was on point with many of the best.  Even with all the great improvements, there’s room for more.  But even if next year’s TBD Fest was a cookie cutter of this year’s with new bands, I would be thrilled all the same.  If you didn’t make it out this year, be sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled for next year’s event.  You won’t want to miss it.

Click here to see all the pictures I took from the weekend.

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