Major “Major” Problem

2014-10-08 22.12.42I always wanted to do something unique, something different for a career. For my senior project in high school, I created a documentary with the goal of shattering negative stereotypes against skateboarders. The video did really well so I thought to myself, “Hey, can you see yourself as a Film Major?” At the time, I answered yes to that question and envisioned myself becoming a professional Film Maker, specializing in documentaries. However, after going through orientation at Sac State with other potential film majors (who were WAY more dedicated and experienced than I was) and looking at what the Film Classes required, I was quickly discouraged.

With hopes gone and enrollment completed at Sac State, what did I do from there?

Well, simply speaking, I panicked. My whole idea of the “perfect” college plan was shattered and here I was, a freshman all alone at a commuter school. So, I just took in my daily dosage of General Education while debating on what to do for a living. Looking at my skills and interests, I decided to try and do something with music. I am a musician, but making it as an artist out in the world today gives me slim to no chance of “making it big”. Also, the music classes at Sac State call for Orchestral musicians, not Heavy Metal drummers. I told myself, “What about being a producer?” I soon sought after a degree in Business in Music, but had a lot of doubts within myself if this was TRULY meant for me. Then, a revelation.

During my First Year Seminar Class, we read an article that a professor wrote comparing his college experience to his daughter’s. The Professor basically stated that students should major in what they enjoy studying, not what career they dream of. This hit me like a ton of bricks, because my whole freshman year, Philosophy was what really caught my attention. I did well in the classes, participated fully in discussions, and even had one on one talks/debates with my professors. In my first research paper, I even proved the existence of God! I now realize that Philosophy is the major I am striving for. As for a specialization or career goes, I still have another year to figure that out.


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